Uncle Sam Clay Pot Craft

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This Uncle Sam Clay Pot Craft decoration takes just a few supplies and is so easy to put together. Not only is the perfect DIY craft for July 4th but it doubles as fun 4th of July home decor too.

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Fourth of July clay pot craft that looks like Uncle Sam

With summer finally here, we’re getting excited about the Fourth Of July! We love the all the Fourth of July desserts, cookouts with neighbors, fireworks and of course, the decorations.

I don’t go quite as crazy with July 4th decor as I do for Christmas but we love making fun crafts that double as decoration. That’s what makes this Uncle Sam clay pot craft so much fun.

Uncle Sam Clay Pot Craft

Not only is it a fun craft for kids (and grownups too) but it makes great home decor that you can pull out every year. Even if you’re not a big fan of DIY projects, you’re going to love making this easy one.

My favorite crafts are the ones that are also inexpensive! For this one, I just used a terracotta pot and a few other items I had lying around in my house. Once I gathered everything I needed, it took me less than an hour to put cute craft together. 

Terracotta pot craft for 4th of July

Ready to make your own? Here are some tips and tricks to make things easier for you! 

What if I don’t have craft foam?

I used craft foam for the mustache and the stars on the hat but that’s just something I always have in my craft closet. If you don’t have any handy, colored card stock or construction paper will work too.

The thicker the material, the better the shapes will hold up year after year. Eventually you’ll have a nice collection of crafts!

Can I use plastic pots instead of terracotta pots?

Yes, you definitely can! While I prefer terracotta because I love using acrylic paint, if you already have plastic pots at home, you can use them too. You’ll just have to use paints that work on plastic since your basic acrylic and craft paints won’t work as well. 

Uncle Sam Clay Pot Craft for July 4th

Tips & Tricks For More Fun

Finished already? Here are a few fun ways to take your Uncle Sam clay pot craft up a notch. 

  • Turn the top of Uncle Sam’s hat into a candle holder. Drill holes in straight lines up the can, then place a single battery-operated tea light inside. 
  • Take your patriotic flair up a notch! Use blue, white, and red glitter for some extra oomph!  
  • Use cotton for Uncle Sam’s beard and mustache. This extra step adds a little dimension to your project! 
  • Have googly eyes? Kids LOVE adding googly eyes to their craft and they could give Uncle Sam more of a silly look.

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Uncle Sam Clay Pot Craft
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Uncle Sam Clay Pot Craft

Author Lisa O’Driscoll | Fun Money Mom
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
This Uncle Sam clay pot craft is the perfect Fourth Of July craft for kids and adults! It's an easy to make holiday craft that doubles as July 4th decor too…a total win/win!



  • Give the recycled can a basecoat of red craft paint, then paint the clay saucer blue. Paint the rim of the clay pot white and the base of the clay pot with a flesh tone. Let dry and apply a second coat, if necessary. 
  • Once paint is dry, paint two-thirds of the base of the clay pot with the white craft paint.  Let dry and apply a second coat of white, if necessary.  
  • Once that coat of paint dries, paint white stripes on the can.  Let dry and if necessary, apply a second coat of white paint.
  • Download, print and cut out the Uncle Sam Clay Pot Pattern. Trace the mustache onto white craft foam and cut out.
  • Use a glue gun to attach Uncle Sam’s mustache to the bottom center of his face, then glue the clay saucer to top of clay pot (Uncle Sam’s "head".
  • Use the peach colored paint to paint the nose and mouth. Paint eyes with black paint. Use white paint to add squiggly eyebrows. Once the eyes are dry, add highlights to the eyes by dipping the end of the paintbrush handle in white paint to create small dots. 
  • Trace the stars onto a piece of yellow craft foam, overlapping the tips slightly to make a long garland of stars.  Cut them out with scissors. 
  • Use your glue gun to attach the garland of stars to the base of the can. Next, glue can to the top of clay saucer. If you’d like, you can cut an extra star for the top of the can too.
  • Finally, attach USA letter stickers and rhinestones to the front three stars.  


While I’ve added Amazon links to make these supplies easy to find, you can also buy any of these items at craft stores or big box stores (and they’re usually cheaper in-store).

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