Red, White & Blue Chocolate Dessert Cups

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These Red, White & Blue Chocolate Dessert Cups are perfect for holding your favorite Fourth Of July treats or desserts!

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Ever since I bought my new favorite baking tool, I’ve been looking for new ways to use it!  I’m not sure if I can top the Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores but I’m sure going to have fun trying!  This baking mold is great because there’s no end to what you can make with it!


This time I decided to use it to make chocolate dessert cups for 4th Of July. I’m pretty obsessed with candy melts and they work really well with this mold. 

Chocolate Dessert Cups

At first I tried to make red, white & blue stripes but I’m too much of a perfectionist and the strips kept coming out slightly crooked. Instead, I went with a swirly, tie dye look and love the way it turned out!

It’s so easy too! Just add equal amounts of red, white and blue candy melts to a bowl and microwaved them until they’re completely melted (they will still keep their shape until you stir them).  Then take a fork and gently pull it through the chocolate to get that swirly look. Don’t swirl too much though or your melts will turn a shade of purple.  

Spoon the melted candy into your baking cups, tap on the counter to get rid of any air bubbles, then refrigerate for a couple hours.

Making edible chocolate cups


Now fill with treats.  I found these red, white & blue M&M’s when I was out shopping and they were perfect!  How fun is it to eat all the candy, then eat the cup that was holding it?

Chocolate Candy Cups

You can fill these chocolate dessert cups with ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate mousse or pretty much anything else you want. What would you fill them with?


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Red white and blue dessert cups

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