You’ve Been BOOed: Free Printable & BOO Basket Ideas

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You’ve Been BOOed! A Boo Basket is such a fun way to get the Halloween season started! Surprise your neighbors with this You’ve Been Booed printable plus frugal and fun Boo Basket ideas.

You've Been Booed

Halloween is such a fun holiday! You get to dress up in fun costumes, eat lots of Halloween treats and decorate pumpkins! I also love the latest tradition that’s popped up over the last few years, the Boo Basket.

You’ve Been Booed

Haven’t heard of this? Basically you put together a basket filled with fun Halloween treats and goodies. Then you secretly leave it on a neighbors porch or a co-workers desk. It comes complete with a You’ve Been Booed sign so that they can surprise someone else with their own basket.

You've been booed printable with candy corn

It’s a fun tradition and since we just moved into a new house, I plan to do this for several of my neighbors. I’ve even created a printable to make it easy.

One half gives the instructions so anyone that receives a boo basket can pay it forward to the next person. The other side goes on your door or front window so that as more and more people get booed, it’s easy to tell who’s already been surprised with a boo basket and who hasn’t.  

Boo Basket Printable

Feel free to use my You’ve Been Booed printable to boo your own neighbors and co-workers.

You've Been BOOed printable

BOO Basket Ideas

What do you put in one of these Halloween baskets? Pretty much anything you want. I change it up depending on who we’re giving it to.

Our neighbors across the street have a little girl so I found all kinds of fun goodies at Dollar Tree. I threw in a little chocolate too because you can never go wrong with chocolate.

Goodies for boo basket

I also wanted to surprise some of our other neighbors whose children are older and on their own. Their basket will have a fall candle, cute decorative pumpkins and Halloween cookies.

Once I got everything together, I printed a sign for each one and put it all together in a basket. Even the basket came from Dollar Tree. I’m always amazed at how much fun stuff I can get for a dollar! 

Basket filled with Halloween goodies

If you need more ideas, Amazon has lots of stuff to choose from. You’ll pay a little more but you do get the convenience of having it all delivered right to your door! They usually come in bigger quantities which makes it fun because you can surprise even more people!

Boo Basket Ideas  

You can also never go wrong with candy, cookies or any other types of sweets. What are some of your favorite ideas?

Candy corn pretzels three ways feature

Candy Corn Pretzels

Unicorn Pumpkin

Unicorn Pumpkin

Golden Snitch Pumpkin FB

Harry Potter Golden Snitch No Carve Pumpkin

No carve pumpkin ideas for kids

Best No Carve Pumpkins For Kids

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