You’ve Been Boozed (Free Printable)

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This You’ve Been Boozed free printable is the perfect way for grownups to have a little Halloween fun. Just print out out, then surprise your friends and neighbors with a boozy treat (no tricks needed!).

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It’s spooky season and one of the things we look forward every year is “playing” You’ve Been Boo’ed with our neighbors. If you’ve never done it, you just secretly put together fun “Boo Baskets” full of fun Halloween treats and add the free printable.

Then you leave them on the neighbor’s porch, knock on the front door and pull the old ding dong ditch (that’s the part my girls love most!). They get a fun surprise and then they create their own to give to someone else. It’s great way to show your neighbors your appreciate them and also a fun way to get to know any new neighbors.

But now there’s a new fun tradition and this adult version is just for the over 21 crowd! Singing may be the best way to spread Christmas cheer but the best way to spread Halloween cheer is with bottles of wine and cans of beer!

You've been booed 1200

You’ve Been Boozed Printables

There are several free printables to choose from. First you’ll need the instruction sheet. Not everyone knows about this fun new tradition and this explains what they should do next.

You've been boozed instructions printable

Next, you’ll want the printable set of door hangers. It’s best to print these on white cardstock so that they’ll last longer.

You've been boozed door sign printable

If you want the free printable tags for wine bottles, etc, you can get those too. I like to print the bottle tags on sticker paper, cut them out and then attach them to the bottles. You can also print them on card stock and tie them to the bottles with a colorful ribbon.

You've been boozed label printables

Download and print each of these here:

>>>You’ve Been Boozed Printables<<<

Ideas For A You’ve Been Boozed Halloween Basket

Now you can make your own basket of treats. You can start with a favorite bottle of wine for your mom friends, beer for the neighbor who’s always outside grilling or tequila for that neighbor who just loves to party! That’ll bring the spooky spirit for sure!

Here are a few boozy ideas:

  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Pre-made frozen drinks (from the grocery store freezer section)
  • Mini bottles of alcohol with mixers like club soda, cranberry juice or margarita mix
  • Jello shots (Halloween Jello Shots or Candy Corn Jello Shots are the perfect addition)

I usually pick up my baskets from Dollar Tree since you can’t beat the price. I also wander around to find more Halloween goodies to throw in.

Basket of Halloween supplies 1200

Here are some other fun things you can add:

Get the ripple effect started now and maybe everybody will be “boozed” by Halloween (it’ll make for one heck of a Halloween party)!

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