DIY Gnome Valentine Box (with printable template)

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This adorable DIY Gnome Valentine Box is the perfect project if you’re looking for a super fun Valentine’s craft to do with kids. It’s easy for the little ones to make and it comes together with just a few supplies and free templates for a cute, simple to make craft. 

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Gnome Valentine Box with balloons

We are slightly obsessed with gnome crafts around my house. We had an absolute blast making this Amazing Gnome Village out of easy to find supplies and just a little time and creativity. More recently, we’ve been inspired by a friend’s adorable Gnome Cookie Cups…they are almost too adorable to eat!

So, when it came time for us to come up with this year’s theme for valentine boxes…. you guessed it! With their funny oversized stocking cap and fluffy beard, these cute little gnomes were the clear choice! They are really easy to make, and the kids will absolutely love them!

Making super cute Valentine Boxes has become a tradition we look forward to when February rolls around each year. We’ve made everything from a Unicorn Box, Spiderman Valentine’s Day Boxes to a Minion Box and of course a Harry Potter Book Valentine Box. However, there is just something extra adorable about these gnome boxes. They are so colorful and festive, and that little bouquet of balloons is just too much!

When you’re done, get these free printable Gnome Valentine Cards too!

Materials Needed to Make a Valentine Gnome Box

Note: If you’re having trouble finding craft foam, you can use colored construction paper instead. And it you want, you can even use construction paper to cut out the hearts and use a glue stick or hot glue to attach them to the cap.

Want valentine cards to match? You can find cute gnome valentines in my Etsy shop!

Gnome Valentine holding balloons
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Gnome Valentine Box

Author Lisa O’Driscoll | Fun Money Mom
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
This whimsical Gnome Valentine Box, complete with free printable templates, is the perfect way for little ones to collect all their sweet classroom valentines!


  • Start by cutting a hole in the back of the box with box cutters (parents may want to do this part themselves). This is where the valentine cards will go.
    Cereal box with a hole in the back
  • Lay the cereal box on one of the pieces of white construction paper where the right side of the box is flush with the edge of the paper. Leave enough on the top and bottom to fold down and cover the top and bottom of the box.
    Cereal box with white construction paper
  • Fold the paper over the box, covering the back, one side and the top and bottom of the box, gluing into place with the hot glue gun.
    Cereal box partly wrapped in construction paper
  • Use the second piece of white construction paper to cover the remaining sections of the box. Use the box cutter to cut the construction paper that's covering the hole.
    Cereal box wrapped in construction paper with a hole for cards
  • Print the template and cut out each of the pieces.
    Tracing templates for gnome valentine box
  • Trace each one on to the craft foam. You can use the colors I used or change the color scheme completely…totally up to you.
    Tracing a gnome hat
  • Once you've traced each piece of the template, cut out your pieces.
    Craft foam pieces for Gnome Valentine Box
  • Decorate your gnome hat. I used heart shaped stickers and scraps from the white foam to make stripes.
    Gnome hat decorated with stickers and stripes
  • Glue the gnome beard and nose to the bottom section of the cereal box. Be sure to glue the bottom of the beard flush with the bottom of the cereal box. Otherwise the box will fall over when you try to stand it upright.
    Cereal box with gnome beard and nose
  • Take 5-6 cotton balls and stretch them out to cover the beard.
    Stretched out cotton pieces
  • Glue the cotton on the beard, covering it completely. Add the hat.
    Gnome on cereal box
  • Glue the shoes to the bottom part of the beard. My craft consultant (a.k.a. my 9 year old daughter) suggested we add hearts to the bottom…so cute!
    Gnome with orange shoes
  • Glue the balloons together to form a balloon bouquet. Turn them over and glue the chenille stems on the back.
    Balloons with chenille glued to the back
  • Let the glue dry, then tie a ribbon around the chenille.
    Craft foam balloons with ribbon tied on them
  • Finally, glue the hands on and attach balloons to the valentine box. I glued two to the back of the hand, one to the back of the beard and one directly to the box. This keeps the balloons from flopping around too much.
    Balloons glued to gnome valentine box
  • Once all your glue has dried, you've got the cutest gnome valentine box ever!
    Finished gnome valentine box


Don't have craft foam? You can use construction paper instead.
You can use any color scheme you like for the balloons, hat and shoes.

Did You Make This Project?

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This Valentine Gnomes box is such a fun project and is the perfect way for kids to celebrate that special day, whether it’s a home on a rainy day, or at school with friends.

One of the things kids will love the most is that the cereal box is the perfect sized box for cards, little packs of candy or even small party favors. Bring on the Valentine’s Day fun!

Want More Valentine Ideas?

Valentine box with gnome holding balloons

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  1. Harper ruble says:

    It’s good but i would like a video and what if i dont have a cereal box i rate this a 4/10

    1. Hi Harper! I would love to have video for this but unfortunately as a busy mom running my own business, I don’t have time to make a video for every post (but I sure wish I did). Also, you can use any type of box for this. You’ll just have to adjust the size of your craft foam to fit the size box you use. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. what are the measurements for the template of the gnome? After printing, seems so small…

    1. Hi Joanne, The bottom of the hat measures about 9″ across and the beard is about 8 1/2″ inches at the widest point. Hope that helps! 🙂

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