Free Printable Harry Potter Labels For Water Bottles

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Having a Harry Potter themed party? These Harry Potter labels are super easy to print and an awesome way to add some fun to your water bottles.

Harry Potter labels - Having a Harry Potter themed birthday? These free printable labels are an easy way to make sure that even your water bottles have a Harry Potter party theme. #harrypotter #harrypotterwaterbottles #harrypotterlabels #harrypotterparty #printablelabels #freelabels

My daughter’s Harry Potter party was long overdue. We’d promised to throw one last year but ended up spending her birthday at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter instead. Even though that’s what she wanted, I always felt a little mom guilt for not giving her a party too. Mom guilt is the worst, isn’t it?

This year we finally had her party! I couldn’t go too over the top since we held it at one of those tramploline/bounce house places. However, I was still able to add some special Harry Potter themed touches.

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Harry Potter Labels For Water Bottles

One thing I did was to make Harry Potter labels for the water bottles. All I really needed was a pack of Avery Water Bottle Labels and Harry Potter crests from Etsy. I used PicMonkey to do some editing and create a template for the labels.

Harry Potter Labels with border

Harry Potter labels for water bottles

You can just print these out like you would a regular piece of paper. I didn’t even need to change the printer settings to do it.

Printed Harry Potter labels

Finally, I just cut the regular labels off the bottles and added the Harry Potter labels. Do this part before refrigerating them so that condensation doesn’t keep them from sticking.

I also cut a little off the ends because our water bottles were on the thin side. You may or may not have to do that, depending on the brand of water bottles you use. There’s enough space on either side so that even if you have to shorten it slightly, you won’t be cutting any of the graphics. That’s pretty much it…now you have Harry Potter water bottles for your party.

Harry Potter water bottle labels

This was such an easy way to add to our Harry Potter theme. Now that I’ve got the template set up, it only takes a few minutes to print these out and stick them to the water bottles.

Harry Potter themed water bottles

You could also use these Harry Potter labels to decorate plastic tablecloths, cups and other party supplies. You could even add them to refillable water bottles, which we use all the time at my house now that have the Primo water in-home dispenser.

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