Moana Birthday Invitations

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Why spend money on Moana birthday invitations when you can print your own. From Maui to Hei Hei, there’s a Moana invitation for each of your favorite characters.

Moana Birthday Invitations - If you're throwing a Moana party, you'll need Moana party invitations! These free printable birthday invitations feature all your favorite Moana characters, from Maui to Hei Hei! #Moana #moanainvitations #moanabirthday #moanaparty #birthdayparty #kidsparty #princessparty #moanatheme #printableinvitations

This post contains affiliate links.

When we first saw the movie Moana,  my little Keira loved it so much that she asked for a Moana birthday party. Of course, I love all things Disney princess so I got right to work making some cute Moana birthday invitations. Since I knew we wouldn’t be the only one needing Moana invitations for a party, I thought I’d share these printables (and my Moana birthday cake too).

Moana Birthday Invitations


These Moana invitations turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. In the end, I couldn’t settle for just one picture so I ended up making invites with the other characters too. All you need is card stock to print them on and you’re good to go.

You actually have two options with these birthday invitations. You can print them as is and fill them out by hand. You can also edit them online using PicMonkey, adding all the information then printing them out completely finished. If you’re not sure how to do that, check out my step by step instructions for adding text to printable invitations. When you do this, you’ll need the jpg version for PicMonkey so I’ve added those underneath each image.

This first set can be made with just card stock and a printer. The second set with all the characters uses the HP Card & Invitation Kit. I love this kit because it makes invitations look so professional! 

Moana Birthday Invitations On Card Stock

These first two sets of Moana party invitations can be printed as is on card stock. You’d just cut them apart and fill in the information with a sharpie. The other option is to add the information first on PicMonkey, then print and cut apart. 

These Moana invitations are perfect for a special birthday.

Moana  Birthday Invitations – PDF (choose these to print and add the info yourself)

Moana Birthday Invitations – PNG (for PicMonkey editing)


Who doesn’t love the cute Kakamora? Okay, maybe Maui isn’t a big fan but the rest of us love them!


You can also download free printable Moana invitations featuring the cute but deadly KakamoraKakamora Free Printable Invitations – PDF (to print and fill out)

Kakamora Free Printable Invitations – JPG (for PicMonkey editing)


5×7 Moana Party Invitations

These are the new invitations that I’ve made to go with the HP Card And Invitation Kit. You can print them out on any 5×7 paper though.

Moana Invitation – Moana & Maui

Moana & Maui – jpg (for PicMonkey editing)

Moana Invitation – Moana

Moana – jpg (for PicMonkey editing)

Moana Invitation – Maui

Maui – jpg (for PicMonkey editing)

Moana Invitation – Kakamora

Kakamora – jpg (for PicMonkey editing)

Moana Invitation – HeiHei

Hei Hei -jpg (for PicMonkey editing)

Moana Invitation – Pua

Pua – jpg (for PicMonkey editing)

You may also want to check out these Moana goody bag ideas and activity sheets. When the party’s over, these Moana thank you cards are the perfect way to thank everyone for their gifts.

Which of these Moana birthday invitations will you be using?

Here’s how you can add text to you invitations before printing them…

Add text to printable invitation

How To Add Text To Birthday Invitation Templates

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Planning a Moana birthday party? Don't just send out generic party invites. Get the kids excited with these cute Moana free printable invitations.








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Moana is a great birthday party theme and thanks for sharing the printable invitation cards they look amazing. The Moana party theme cake looks delicious, thanks for sharing the cake recipe. Great post.

Hi, a big thank you for the printable Moana birthday invitation cards. My daughter is a big fan of the movie (we live on a tropical island) and will be really excited to see these when she gets home from school. I’ve book-marked your site for future reference. Cheers, Sean.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the FREE printables! You saved the day! My daughter wanted a Moana themed birthday, and there was nothing available to buy in stores near us!! And everything to order online was soooo expensive! You are definitely my hero!

hey , i was looking for birthday invitation ideas, then i came to across your blog, you have given wonderful presentation through your blog, nice work

this is really awesome invitations. My son loves watching Moana and all the songs. He especially likes Tamatoa and singing ” I am shiny” song. Do you happen to have an invitation with Tamatoa on it?

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