Donut Valentine Box

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This donut valentine box is a fun way for the kids to collect all those valentines at school! Plus, this cute valentine box is easy enough that they can make it on their own!

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Looking for some new ideas for Valentine boxes? I’m always trying to come up with crafty new ideas for Valentine’s Day and I’ve made everything from a Harry Potter Valentine Box to an adorable Owl Valentine Box.  

I was trying to come up with a few more ideas and came across a donut with pink icing. There was my inspiration. I’d make a donut valentine box! Not only did it turn out really cute but it’s super easy and takes very little time to make.

When you’re done, why not print these cute Donut Valentine Cards to go with your box.

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Donut Valentine Box

Here’s what you’ll need…


(1) Cereal box

White construction paper 

Craft foam: pink & brown (12×18), black, red & assorted colors for sprinkles



Glue gun

Glue sticks

Exacto knife

Cover the box with white construction paper and cut a hole in the box for the valentine cards.

Trace a large circle on brown craft foam and another on pink craft foam. I usually just find things around the house to trace since my hand drawn circles turn out lopsided EVERY time! This dinner plate was the perfect size.

I cut straight around the brown circle but made the pink one curved around the edges.

Back to using kitchen objects as tracers…I used this small bowl to trace the doughnut hole…

then cut it out.

I cut eyes and a mouth out of black foam, then used a scrap piece of red to make a small tongue. I hot glued them to the top part of the “icing”.

Next, I cut long, thin strips of craft foam, then cut smaller pieces to resemble sprinkles, You can use any bright colors you have on hand.

Once the sprinkles have been glued on, you’ve got your doughnut. Glue it to the front of the box and this cute donut Valentine box is ready for Valentine’s Day!

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