Disney Princess Dress Up Ideas

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Disney Princess dress up is one of the best parts of having little girls! Whether it’s for Halloween, a Christmas gift or just a fun dress to wear around the house, you’ll find all your favorite princess dresses here. Plus, find out which dresses I’ve found were made to last!

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For as long as I can remember, my girls have loved the Disney princesses (I might have had a little something to do with that)! We’ve had Moana parties, castle cakes and even made a Cinderella pumpkin for Halloween. I have no shortage of Disney princess ideas!

However, what my girls loved most was to play Disney princess dress up. As soon as they could dress themselves, they were putting on Cinderella dresses and Snow White shoes. At any given moment, you could turn a corner and run smack dab into a princess!

Get these adorable Disney Princess facemasks to go with your princess dresses!

Disney Princess Dress Up

Disney princess dress up: Keira as Belle

Sometimes you might even find two princess. I came across Ariel and Cinderella getting ready for their royal weddings.

Disney Princess Dress Up: Beautiful Brides

I never knew if I was going to run into Snow White, Tiana or Rapunzel.

Keira as Rapunzel while playing Disney princess dress up

The girls didn’t need a special occasion to play Disney princess dress up. Sometimes they just wore their dresses as everyday attire! Doesn’t everybody wear an Ariel dress when their playing on their tablet? If you look closely, you’ll see that this princess also happens to be an Olympic Gold Medalist. I’m guessing she won a swimming competition!

Keira playing Disney Princess dress up as Ariel

Ashling loved her Ariel wedding dress so much that she wore it to a Mother’s Day brunch. Both girls had Rapunzel parties for their fourth birthdays (but only Keira was lucky enough to get this awesome Rapunzel cake!

Birthday party with Rapunzel

It goes without saying that princess dresses are perfect for Halloween too.

Playing Disney Princess Dress Up for Halloween

My girls just couldn’t get enough! Even my hubby and I joined the fun last year. I thought he made a dashing Flynn to my Rapunzel! Want to dress up with the kids? Check out these Disney princess costumes for women.

The Truth About Disney Princess Dresses

Between Grandma and I, we bought the girls a lot (and I mean a LOT) of Disney princess dresses over the years. One thing that we discovered was that they’re not all created equal. After buying inexpensive $20 dresses from Target and Walmart and the more expensive dresses from Disney, I quickly discovered that you get what you pay for.

Even though Disney brand dresses often cost twice as much, the difference in quality made up for the price. The cheaper ones often unravel and fall apart pretty quickly. However, Disney brand dresses stood the test of time. As much as my girls wore them, they never frayed or ripped (and these dresses were NOT treated gently). When they outgrew them, we were able to sell the Disney dresses at a consignment sale for $15 each. The cheaper ones had to be tossed.

That’s why I’ve separated these Disney princess dress up dresses into two sections. If you’re looking for fancier dresses that are meant to last, check out the first list. If you just want to give the kids something to bang around in, the inexpensive ones will do the trick too.

Disney Store Princess Dresses

Cinderella Dress (traditional)

Cinderella Dress (live action)

Snow White Dress

Sleeping Beauty Dress

Belle Dress

Rapunzel Dress

Ariel Dress

Tiana Dress

Jasmine Dress

Moana Dress

Elsa Dress

Anna Dress

Merida Dress

Pocahontas Dress

Mulan Dress

Tinkerbell Dress

Budget Friendly Princess Dresses

Cinderella Dress (traditional)

Cinderella Dress (live action movie)

Belle Dress

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) Dress

Ariel Dress

Snow White Dress

Tiana Dress

Merida Dress

Moana Dress

Jasmine Outfit



Elsa Dress

Anna Dress

Rapunzel Dress

Tinkerbell Dress

I realize that Tinkerbell isn’t technically a Disney princess, but my girls loved her too so she’s included on the list. Just know that it’s not as easy as it looks to fit Tinkerbell wings in a stroller!

If your girls are anything like mine, they’ll want shoes to go with their dresses!

Disney Princess Dress Up Shoes

Cinderella (traditional) | Cinderella (live action movie) | Snow White | Sleeping Beauty | Belle | Rapunzel | Ariel | Tiana | Jasmine | Moana | Elsa | Anna | Merida | Pocahontas | Mulan | Tinkerbell

Finally, you can’t possibly be a princess without a crown. Unlike the Disney dresses, the pricier crowns did not hold up as well and they all broke at some point or another. This is why I go for the cheaper ones.

Crowns For Playing Disney Princess Dress Up

Cinderella (traditional) | Cinderella (live action movie) | Snow White | Sleeping Beauty | Belle | Rapunzel | Ariel | Tiana | Jasmine | Moana | Elsa | Anna | Merida | Mulan

Do your kids like playing Disney princess dress up? Which character is their favorite?

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