Easy Dollar Tree Halloween Pumpkin

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This Dollar Tree Halloween pumpkin proves that you can make adorable Halloween decor with a plain styrofoam pumpkin. See how I transformed this plain orange pumpkin into something decorative and fun!

Check out how you can make fun Halloween decor from an ugly styrofoam pumpkin! Even better, let the kids help make this no carve pumpkin for a fun kids craft.

I love cool pumpkin carvings but doing it myself scares me to death! It’s nice having all 10 fingers and I plan to keep it that way. Plus, I had so much trouble cutting butternut squash at Thanksgiving last year that I don’t think I’m any match for a big ol’ pumpkin…it would definitely get the best of me. Plus, no way could I let my kids help. Nope, I’m sticking to no carve pumpkins!

That’s why, when I came across some styrofoam pumpkins for $1 recently, I stocked up! I wasn’t sure how but I knew that somehow I could turn them into fun Halloween decor.

It wasn't hard to turn this cheap pumpkin into fun Halloween decor.

I know it’s not pretty but I had high hopes for this little pumpkin. While in the store, I also came across a display of sparkly ribbon.  My girls insisted I buy it because it was so pretty. Plus, I had a feeling it would come in handy.

Sparkly ribbon makes it easy to create fun Halloween decor

My idea was starting to take shape. First I needed to grab some gold spray paint from the garage. It was looking better already!

Start by painting your pumpkin with gold spray paint

Next, I heated up the glue gun and cut strips of glittery ribbon long enough to go from the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin. I started by adding a little glue at the top. If you look closely, you can see a seam on each side of the pumpkin where the two halves were glued together. If you have those seams on your pumpkin, cover them with the ribbon first.

Add strips of sparkly ribbon

I spaced them out the ribbon evenly so that I wouldn’t get to the end and have two ribbons of the same color next to each other. The Virgo in me would never be able to handle that!

Space out the ribbon so it's even when you're all finished.

Finally I hot glued the rest of the colors.

Add several different colors to make fun Halloween decor.

You can make this already easy project even easier by buying sparkly washi tape and sticking it directly to the pumpkin without needing hot glue. Since these spools of ribbon were only $1 each, I chose the frugal route.

When I was finished, I thought it needed one more thing and I added a piece of black ribbon around the stem. I really love how this pumpkin turned out. Who knew I could make such fun Halloween decor from an ugly styrofoam pumpkin!

Fun Halloween decor makes any house more festive.

I’ve got lots more ideas for the rest of the pumpkins I bought so check back for more fun Halloween decor. If you’re one of my Sarasota friends, check out Sarasota’s Suncoast View on October 9th where I’ll be joining the ladies with more no carve pumpkin ideas for Halloween.

Want to make this for yourself? Here’s where you can find gold spraypaint, sparkly ribbon or washi tape, and of course, pumpkins. The foam pumpkins cost a few dollars more on Amazon so you may want to check the store first.

Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween or do you prefer no carve pumpkins like me? What would you make with one of these pumpkins?

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