Hello Kitty Pumpkin (No Carve)

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This Hello Kitty pumpkin is such a cute no carve pumpkin idea for Halloween! Made with inexpensive materials, it’s budget friendly and easy to make…but the best part is how much fun it is!  

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Hello Kitty Pumpkin with red bow

It’s that time of year again…I’m going pumpkin crazy! No carve pumpkins are always my favorites. They’re a lot easier to make than carved pumpkins and a whole lot less messy!

So far this year I’ve made a Golden Snitch pumpkin, a Unicorn pumpkin and now this cute Hello Kitty pumpkin. It’s super easy and such a fun Halloween craft for the kids!

Ready to get started? Here’s what you’ll need.

Craft supplies for Hello Kitty Pumpkin:


Hello Kitty Pumpkin

You can use any pumpkin you’d like but I love these super cheap foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree. You’ll also need a small bottle of white acrylic paint.

I started by snapping the stem off to make room for the hat.

Orange craft pumpkin with stem removed

Next, I painted the pumpkin white. It usually takes 2-3 coats. While waiting for it to dry, I worked on the hat. To make the hat, you’ll need a black foam circle and another half circle (slightly larger).

Foam pieces for Hello Kitty Pumpkin

You can use my free printable to make tracers for the hat cutouts and the rest of the Hello Kitty pumpkin pieces.

Printable tracers for Hello Kitty Pumpkin

Hello Kitty Pumpkin Tracers

Take the half circle and fold it over.

Making a foam hat for a Hello Kitty Pumpkin

Now fold the other side over and use hot glue to form the pointy part of the hat, then glue it to the round base.

Making a witch hat for Hello Kitty

Draw a bow on the back of sparkly craft foam. This had a sticky back (it’s what I had on hand) but ideally I would have used the regular glitter foam.

Making a bow for the Hello Kitty hat

Cut out the bow and draw in the details with a black marker.

Glue the bow to the black hat.

Attach bow to Hello Kitty hat

Now it’s time to work on the ear. Yes, just one ear because the hat will “hide” the other one.Trace your ear, then glue the ear and the hat to the top of the pumpkin.

Attach the hat and ear to the pumpkin

Now cut out the pieces for the eyes and nose.

Hello Kitty eyes and nose

Glue the pieces to the face.

Hello Kitty Face

The final touch is to cut whiskers from the black foam. Mine were just under 1 1/2″ inches but you can make them however long you like.

Hello Kitty Whiskers

That’s it…you have a super cute Hello Kitty pumpkin for Halloween.

No carve Hello Kitty Pumpkin for Halloween

What cartoon character will you make for Halloween?

Be sure to watch Sarasota’s Suncoast View on October 3rd where I’ll share this and other fun no carve pumpkin ideas.

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If you love Hello Kitty as much as we do, check it the awesome Hello Kitty products at Cost Plus World Market!

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