Flower Pot Painting Craft For Kids

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Looking for an easy craft that the kids will love? This cute flower pot painting craft is not only fun for kids but also makes a great gift!

Flower Pot Painting - This easy craft for kids is not only fun but it makes a great gift too. They'll have a blast making painted flower pots and getting as creative as they want. #flowerpotpainting #flowerpotcraft #craftsforkids #kidcraft

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if the kids are looking for a pretty gift for mom, this flower pot painting craft is perfect. With just a little help from dad, they’ll have a gift that mom will treasure.

The great part about painted flower pots is that they also make great gifts for Teacher Appreciation week, Grandparents Day or any other occasion. Kids can even get creative and come up with their own flower pot painting ideas. My six year old had a blast making her flower pot and yours will too!

What You’ll Need:

Flower pot

Acrylic paints – I used light blue, green, red, yellow, pink, purple, dark green, orange, white



Flower Pot Painting Craft For Kids

You won't need many supplies to make this flower pot painting craft.

Your child can start by painting the background, blue for sky and green for grass.

Kids can get as creative as they want with their painted flower pots.

Keira chose to paint the whole thing blue, then add green grass over the top.

Keira had some flower pot painting ideas of her own.

Next, she got started on her insects. First she made a bumblebee.

Painting flower pots is easy for kids to do on their own.

She was very focused and after the bumblebee, she made more insects and added a few flowers. For the grand finale, she made fingerprint clouds at the top.

Keira was very focused on her flower pot painting

Little Keira was pretty proud of her work when it was all done.

My youngest had a blast making painted flower pots

Well, it wasn’t completely done.

Once you make the insects, you'll need to touch them up

Right now this ant just looks like a red blob and the flowers are floating in the air.

This ant was one of Keira's flower pot painting ideas

What a difference a black Sharpie can make!

Fingerprint insect collage
Add any insect or flower you like to these painted flower pots

Looks like our friendly bumblebee earned his stripes.

Hand painted flower pots are so easy to make.

I actually had to Google whether or not caterpillars had antennae…I’ve never gotten close enough to notice. Apparently they do, though they’re shorter than normal insect antennae.

Who knew that caterpillars had antennae?

When everything is dry, you’ll want to spray your flower pot with sealant to make it waterproof. Let it dry overnight, then check out how pretty your flower pot painting craft turned out.

When you make painted flower pots, you'll want to add flowers

From butterflies to bumblebees, you can add whatever you want to these painted flower pots. It was actually Keira’s idea to add the ant.

This flower pot painting craft looks different from every angle

Any mom would love getting this for Mother’s Day!

From butterflies to bumblebees, there's no end to the flower pot painting ideas you can come up with

This also makes a great summer craft that’ll keep the kids entertained when school’s out for summer.

Painted flower pots make such great gifts.

What flower pot painting ideas do you have? What should we add to our next one?

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