Toy Story 4 Coloring Pages

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These Toy Story 4 coloring pages and activities feature our favorite characters from the Toy Story movies! Print them out for a family movie night or use them as a fun way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day!

Toy Story Coloring Pages

We love pretty much every Disney movie ever made but the Toy Story films are right up there as some of our favorites! We are pretty excited to see the whole gang get back together for Toy Story 4! In this latest movie, the toys are still with Bonnie and take off on her family’s road trip excursion. Of course, like always, things don’t go as planned.

There’s a new character named Forky, Bonnie’s beloved craft project turned toy, and he ends up being the cause of an unexpected detour.

Just check out the trailer…

YouTube video

It looks so good, doesn’t it? I’m happy to see all my favorite Toy Story characters but am loving the new ones too! My favorite may just be Keanu Reeves as Duke Kaboom, Canada’s greatest stuntman. I’m also a huge fan of Christina Hendricks, an abandoned doll they befriend in an antique store. The toys are one a new adventure and my girls and definitely I plan to be along for the ride!

We still have a little longer until the movie hits U.S. theaters June 21st but these Toy Story coloring pages will keep us entertained until then.

Toy Story Coloring Pages

Disney has shared some free printable Toy Story Coloring Pages and activity sheets with us and I’m passing them along. Are you as ready as we are to grab the crayons and get coloring? From favorites like Woody and Jessie to new friends like Gabby Gabby and Duke Caboom, there are plenty of printable coloring sheets to choose from.

Print them for a movie night, rainy day fun and even you’re looking for Toy Story Party Ideas.

Woody From Toy Story Coloring Page

Woody Coloring Page

You know the voice of Tom Hanks when you hear it and that’s part of what makes Woody so lovable! He’s the glue that keeps this whole group together!

Buzz Lightyear From From Toy Story Coloring Page

Buzz Lightyear Coloring Page

Tim Allen is back as Buzz Light year, everybody’s favorite Space Ranger!

Jessie From From Toy Story Coloring Page

Jessie Coloring Page

Yeehaw! We couldn’t have this new movie without Jessie, the rootin’ tootin’ cowgirl.

Bo Peep From Toy Story Coloring Page

Little Bo Peep Coloring Page

Bo Peep is back, with the voice of Annie Potts behind her. Bo’s adventurous spirit is a big part of the plot of this new Toy Story movie.

Rex The Dinosaur From Toy Story Coloring Page

Rex Coloring Page

As much as he tried to scare us, Rex is way more cute than creepy. He just can’t help it!

Aliens From Toy Story Coloring Page

Toy Story Aliens Coloring Page

The little green aliens make an appearance too, so of course they have to have their own Toy Story coloring sheets to go along with the territory. If you really love the aliens, you can also make these Alien Eggs for Easter!

Ducky & Bunny From Toy Story Coloring Page

Ducky & Bunny Coloring Page 

These new characters look cute and innocent…until you hear them talk. They’re a lot of fun and fill the new movie with plenty of silly humor.

Gabby Gabby From Toy Story Coloring Page

Gabby Gabby Coloring Page

Gabby Gabby is just a doll that wants to be loved again by a little girl. She’s a pull-string doll who’s desperate to get hold of Woody’s working voice box.

Duke Caboom's Toy Story Coloring Page

Duke Caboom Coloring Page

Of all the new characters, this is one of my faves (but it may have something to do with the fact that I love Keanu Reeves). He’s the kind of toy who is supposed to do awesome stunts but bears a pretty strong resemblance to Evel Knieval.

From Toy Story Connect The Dots

Ducky & Bunny Connect The Dots

This printable activity packet has more than just coloring sheets. Connect the dots and play some fun games too.

Toy Story 4 Memory Game

Toy Story 4 Memory Game

This memory game is an easy activity and the perfect game to pull out for rainy days.

Toy Story Snacks

All that coloring is going to make us hungry! Luckily we’ve got a some delicious Toy Story snack mix recipes to munch on!

Bo Peep's Toy Story Snack Mix

Bo Peep Road Trip Snack Mix Recipe

Our friend Bo Peep has made a delicious snack for us to take along on our next road trip! With dried fruit, cereal and teddy bear snacks, it’s a fun Toy Story snack everyone will love.

Duke Caboom's Toy Story Snack Mix

Duke Caboom Road Trip Snack Mix Recipe

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