Free Printable Leprechaun Trap Signs

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These free printable Leprechaun Trap Signs make the perfect addition to your child’s DIY leprechaun trap. It’s a fun way to make their trap even more enticing to any sneaky leprechauns that come around. Who knows…you guys may even catch one this year!

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It’s that time of year! With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start planning all the fun activities that go along with it. From making leprechaun hat cookies to leprechaun beards, it’s not hard to tell what we’re focused on every year!

Leprechaun Trap Signs

Our favorite St. Paddy’s Day tradition has always been coming up with fun but easy leprechaun trap ideas. My youngest has so much fun making her own leprechaun trap every year and the first thing she does when she gets up the next morning is to check to see if it worked. She may not have actually caught one but she sure has fun trying!

To make our trap even more enticing, we’re adding leprechaun trap signs this year. It’s a great way for kids to make it more festive and fun but also directs that pesky leprechaun to go exactly where we want him. I mean, there’s no way he can resist free gold coins, right?

Leprechaun with pot of gold

How To Print

Printing your own set of signs is super easy. Start by placing a piece of card stock in your printer. You can use regular printer paper if necessary but cardstock makes for studier signs. Then just click the link or image below to print.

Once these are cut out, they can be used several different ways. Either hot glue the signs directly on the trap (or use glue dots), hang them off the side with pipe cleaners or attach them to the end of a brightly colored straw (or do all three…why not).

Tips And Tricks For Making A Leprechaun Trap

Get Creative – Your kids can use common household items to create a simple leprechaun trap that’s festive and fun! Cover cereal boxes with green construction paper, make a rainbow slide from paper rolls, turn straws into ladders and painted popsicle sticks can become colorful rainbows. This leprechaun trap was made with craft supplies that we found at home and the local dollar store.

Leprechaun Trap with slide into pot of gold

Use Lots Of Green And Gold – Green and gold are a leprechauns favorite colors. Use plenty of these colors to draw him in.

Let It Shine – Those magical little guys sure do love shiny things. Use gold coins, sequins, beads and any other shiny objects you can find. Did I mention that you can never have too much glitter?

Add A Secret Trap Door – That sneaky little leprechaun is quick so you’ve got to be clever to catch him. The perfect trap door should be designed so that the leprechaun falls in as soon as he steps on it…then you’ve got him for good!

Leave Treats – There’s no better way to get a leprechaun’s attention than with yummy treats. Lucky Charms cereal and chocolate coins make great leprechaun bait. Put them near the trap door so that he’s sure to fall in.

Now, grab your supplies, print some signs and get that pot of gold! Good luck!

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