Sully Pumpkin (from Monsters Inc.)

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This Sully Pumpkin takes our favorite oversized but loveable monster and transforms him into an adorable fall craft! With just a few simple supplies, your kids will have a blast creating this fun Monsters Inc pumpkin for Halloween.

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Sully Pumpkin with Monsters Inc sign

We love a good painted pumpkin craft in my house! They’re so much easier than carved pumpkins, not to mention that there’s a lot less mess. We’ve made everything from a black cat pumpkin to a unicorn pumpkin and always have fun coming up with new ideas!

A lot of our ideas come from movies. We love creating pumpkins based on our favorite characters, especially if they’re Disney related like this Jack Skellington pumpkin. This time we focused on one of our favorite Disney Pixar movies, Monsters Inc.

Sully Pumpkin

This Sully pumpkin was so much fun to make and super easy too. It’s great for all ages and budget-friendly too. You just need a few simple supplies to get started (and when you’re all done, you can make this Mike Wazowski pumpkin too).


I always start with these styrofoam pumpkins from Dollar Tree. They’re super easy to work with and I use them for almost all of my pumpkin crafts! You can get them on Amazon too, you’ll just pay a lot more.

Styrofoam craft pumpkins

Here’s what else you’ll need:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Pencil
  • Round sponge brushes
  • Paint: white, blue, black (or dark blue), purple

You can easily find all of these in your local craft store or follow the links below to get them on Amazon. Now, are you ready to get a little crafty?

Sully pumpkin with gray background
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Sully Pumpkin

Additional Time 45 minutes
Drying time 30 minutes



  • Paint your pumpkin blue (if you're making a Mike Wazowski pumpkin, you can paint that one now too).
    Craft pumpkins painted green and blue
  • Draw on the eyes with a pencil. I found it easiest to trace a circular object, just to be sure the eyes came out the same size.
    Penciled in eyes for Sully pumpkin
  • Draw a curved line to make the eyelids, then paint the bottom section of the eye with white paint.
    Eyes for Sully pumpkin
  • Use dark blue paint to make a nose in the shape of an upside down triangle with slightly curved points and edges.
    Nose painted onto Sully Halloween pumpkin
  • Use the same dark blue color to paint the eyelids, then use a round sponge brush to make the eyeballs. Use dark blue or black to make a mouth.
    Round paintbrush for making eyeballs on pumpkin
  • Use white paint to make Sully's teeth
    Mouth for Sully Pumpkin
  • Finally, use a paint brush to make Sully's purple spots in varying sizes.
    Purple spots painted onto Sully pumpkin
  • Let the paint dry and use your new craft as fun Halloween decor.
    Monsters Inc Halloween pumpkin


You can skip the dark blue paint and just mix a little blue paint with black paint to get a darker color.

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Now make a Mike Wazowski pumpkin too because Sully needs his BFF!

Sully and Mike Wazowski pumpkins

Let’s be friends!

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  1. What color is that blue you used? I feel like it’s the perfect shade for sully. Looking for brand of paint and name of color.

    1. Hi Veronica,
      I used Apple Barrel Bimini Blue. I probably bought mine at Michaels or Walmart but I just checked Amazon and you can find it there. Have fun!

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