How To Draw The Little Mermaid (with free printable)

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Want to learn how to draw the Little Mermaid? This quick tutorial is perfect for your mermaid birthday party or just a great way to entertain the little ones on a rainy day!

Picture of printable for drawing The Little Mermaid

We are all about the princesses in my house! We’ve seen the Disney princess movies too many times to count and can pretty much sing all the princess songs from start to finish (and don’t even think you could stump us at princess trivia)!

How To Draw The Little Mermaid

I know we’re not alone either. That’s why I thought it would be fun to share a tutorial that helps little ones draw the princesses. starting with Princess Ariel from the Disney film, The Little Mermaid.

This step by step drawing tutorial has just four easy steps. You can scroll down for a free printable version too. Use it now or print and save for later.

Step 1 for How To Draw The Little Mermaid

Step 1: Start by drawing the basic shape of Ariel’s face. You’ll want a curved line along the bottom with sharper lines at the top of the face.

Step 2 for How To Draw The Little Mermaid

Step 2: Next, add the arms and upper body. Then draw the seashell bikini top.

Step 3 for How To Draw The Little Mermaid

Step 3: Draw the hair around the face, then add the tail.

Step 4 for How To Draw The Little Mermaid

Step 4: After drawing the hair from the previous step, add a few wavy lines for detail. Add a small circle or oval for each eye, followed by the mouth. For the last step, finish the lower part of Ariel by adding a second fin to the tail.

Free Printable Version

This free printable makes it even easier. Printing it out for the little ones may help, so they can look at it as they draw. To make it even easier, place this printable over a lightbox, with a piece of paper on top. When you use light from underneath, it makes it super simple just to trace the lines.

Drawing tutorial for The Little Mermaid

Once they’ve created this cute Ariel drawing, your little artist can color it in with coloring pencils or crayons.

This activity is great way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day and it’s perfect for a Little Mermaid birthday party too. Watch the original Disney movie on Amazon for a fun movie night or follow up this activity with this this Princess Ariel paper doll craft.

If you had fun with these Little Mermaid step by step instructions, keep checking back for more easy drawing guides featuring the rest of your favorite Disney princesses!

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