How To Draw Snow White (step by step tutorial with free printable)

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Learning how to draw Snow White is super fun for little artists and with this printable, it can be done in just a few simple steps! It’s a great activity for a princess party, movie night or when you’re looking for some rainy day fun!

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Looking for something fun to keep your little Disney princess fan entertained? With school out for summer, this princess drawing tutorial is the perfect activity.

Who Is Snow White

The story of Snow White was originally written by The Brothers Grimm way back in 1812. In 1938, Walt Disney decided to turn this fairy tale into his very first feature-length animated film. With breathtaking animation and memorable characters like the evil stepmother (also known as the evil queen) and the seven dwarfs, Disney’s Snow White was an instant classic.

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How To Draw Snow White

While I’m pretty crafty, I’m not quite as talented when it comes to actual drawing. That’s why I love these step by step instructions! Not only is it easy to follow but because it’s printable too, younger kids can even use it to trace their princess.

You can follow along with this step by step guide here or scroll down the page for a free printable version.

How To Draw Snow White Step 1

Step 1: Start by drawing the shape of Snow White’s face.

How To Draw Snow White Step 2

Step 2: For the next step, draw Snow White’s hair. Then add her headband. It’ll end in a sharp point where the side of the band disappears into her hair. Finally, add a little bow to the top.

How To Draw Snow White Step 3

Step 3: Now you’ll draw the lower part off Snow White’s body. Start by drawing the neck shape. Then add the arms and the top part of her dress. Finally, draw a bell like shape for her skirt.

How To Draw Snow White Step 4

Step 4: Almost done. All that’s left are facial features and feet. Draw two small ovals or small circle shapes for the eyes, then a curved line for her friendly smile. Finally, add her feet.

Free Printable Version

This free printable to makes drawing Snow White even simple! Having it right there by your side makes following the tutorial a breeze.

Smaller kids who want to trace may want to place the printable over a lightbox. Place a piece of drawing paper on top, turn on the light, and voila, the princess pattern shows right through. That’s the great thing about this activity…kids can make it as easy or as challenging as they want.

Print the tutorial for How To Draw Snow White here

Free printable with Snow White drawing tutorial

Once they’ve drawn their princess picture, little artists may want to color it with coloring pencils or crayons.

This activity is perfect for entertaining the kids on a rainy day. It’s also a super fun activity for a princess party. Print all the princesses and let the kids choose their favorites. You can even have movie night and draw while watching the original Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs video on Amazon.

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Which Disney princess is your favorite?

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  1. Jamie Searle says:

    I just drew Snow Hite for my daughters birthday card.
    Thank you

    1. I love that! Hope she enjoyed it and had a wonderful birthday!

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