How To Make A Shopkins Cake (Plus An Epic Mommy Fail)

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.Are your kids as obsessed with Shopkins as mine are?  Surprise them on their birthday with this fun Shopkins cake!

Are your kids obsessed with Shopkins too? Surprise them with this cute Shopkins cake for their birthday!

It’s November so in our family that means it’s time for another lightening round of birthdays.  November starts with a bang around our house.  We celebrate my hubby on the 1st, my mom on the 2nd and my oldest daughter Ashling on the 3rd.

Of course, we save most of the celebrating for my daughter.  She likes to help me plan and of the first things she does is to let me know what kind of cake she wants.  I’m no cake expert but I decided to learn several years ago when I brought Ashling to the grocery store to pick out a cake.  Of course she chose the most expensive one but I cringed at buying a $50+ cake for a 5 year old.  Somehow I convinced her that I could make one bigger and better (though I had no idea if I really could) and managed to pull it off.

Like most other girls her age, she is obsessed with Shopkins so this year she asked if I could make a Shopkins cake.  A Shopkins cake???  Of course I can…I think.  However, we had to pick just the right Shopkin.  I sorted through the roughly 450 Shopkins in her collection and separated them into three piles.  We had a “yes” pile, a “maybe” pile and a “no, this would be a total disaster” pile.








Then she looked through the yes pile to see if there were any she liked and after a lot of contemplation (I thought she might actually miss a few birthdays before she decided), she chose this cute little piano, known as Khia Board:


Since I couldn’t find a cake pan the exact shape I needed, I made two layers with an 11″ x 15″ pan.  If you’re making a cake this big, you’ll need two boxes of cake mix for each layer.  Bake the cakes, let them cool and put them together with a little icing.  Now you’re ready for the real decorating to begin.

With Khia Keyboard by my side, I started decorating.  First, I covered the sides of the cake with yellow frosting.


Then, I colored some icing a pinkish/purple and made the top of the keyboard.


Next, I swirled the pink and yellow icing together where they met at the edge.


I added pink icing to the edges and filled in the middle with white.


I made lines of black icing for the piano keys.


Then I made a line of pink frosting along the front and swirled it with the yellow edge again, but a little less on this side.


Finally, I added the cute Shopkins face.


I added the “controls” at the top and made soft lines with a straight edge to define the piano keys.  Now our Shopkins cake was ready for a party!


However, I made one major fail!  My daughter had chosen to have her party at a local bounce house.  We’d been to parties there before and they were all set up with pretty plates, balloons and other decor.  Silly me thought that all those things were provided…after all, they said that they provided tableclothes, napkins, plates etc in the cost of the party.  I later learned that the moms bring all that fancy decor with them and we just get the bare minimum.  Oops!

At least I knew to bring goody bags.  Ashling and I decided to skip the cheap trinkets and made these fun Shopkins goody bags with yummy treats instead!

My daughter didn’t even care about the lack of decor but the Virgo in me was kicking myself the rest of the day.  Plus, I waited until the party to take pictures of our Shopkins cake because I thought I’d have all the pretty party decorations for our background.  I was a little bummed that this was all I had to work with but what can you do?   It was a major mommy fail and I learned a valuable lesson for next time.


Despite my lack of decoration, the kids all had a great time and this is probably going to be our new permanent party place.  Little Keira has already requested it for her 5th birthday in February and this time I’ll be sure to bring all the fancy stuff with me.  Stay tuned for the next birthday cake request!

Have you ever had a big birthday party fail?  I’d love to hear all about it!

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