Metallic Polka Dot Halloween Pumpkin

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Want a fun pumpkin craft the whole family can make? This polka dot Halloween pumpkin is not only pretty, it's easy enough that the kids can get in on it too!

I love decorating pumpkins but this year I've gone a little over the top. In the last couple of weeks, I've probably made about 10-12 no carve pumpkins. I did have a reason behind it. I was invited to be on Sarasota's Suncoast View for a pumpkin craft segment.

I think they would have been fine with 5-6  examples but once I got started, I just couldn't stop myself! I made everything from emoji pumpkins, a black cat pumpkin and even a melted crayon pumpkin (so fun but very messy, as you can see in this video).

I got the idea for this metallic polka dot Halloween pumpkin when I came across a white craft pumpkin in the store. At first I was going to make a white pumpkin with gold dots but then I saw this awesome metallic pink and just had to have it!

You'll need metallic paint for your polka dot Halloween pumpkin

What you'll need:

Craft pumpkin (you can also use these foam pumpkins)

Metallic Paint

Glitter (I used pink and purple but you can get creative and do something different)

Round foam brush

Mod Podge

How To Make A Polka Dot Halloween Pumpkin

Start by covering the pumpkin with two layers of paint and letting it dry overnight.

Give your pumpkin a few coats of metallic paint

For the polka dots, dip a round sponge brush in Mod Podge...

Use a round foam brush to add glue dots to the pumpkin

...and dot your pumpkin. I made three or four dots at a time and sprinkled the glitter over them.

Sprinkle glitter over the dots to make your polka dot Halloween pumpkin

Since I was using two different colors, I made all the pink dots first, then did the purple. After drying overnight, I shook off the excess glitter and my metallic polka dot Halloween pumpkin was ready to be displayed.

You can change it up with whatever colors you like. I still plan to make a white one with gold dots at some point. I may also try an orange one with black and purple dots...the perfect Halloween colors. Make three or four and create a whole display of polka dot Halloween pumpkins!

This Polka dot Halloween pumpkin is fun for both kids and adults
This polka dot Halloween pumpkin looks pretty from all angles

The great thing about this project is that it's easy enough for the kids to make too. What kid doesn't love playing with glitter?! It's a fun family activity and the kids will love showing off their crafts!

What colors would you use for your pumpkin? Would you make it girly like this one or use Halloween colors instead?

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