Easy Frankenstein Pumpkin Painting Idea

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40 minutes

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This fun Frankenstein pumpkin painting idea is the perfect Halloween craft for kids. It’s a great project for your Halloween party or when the kids just want to make their own pumpkins for the holiday. Either way, they’ll have so much fun getting crafty and showing off these cute Frankenstein monsters!

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Frankenstein pumpkin with silly face

It’s that time of year! Are you as ready for the Halloween season as we are? We’re all about the Halloween decorations, especially when it comes to pumpkins!

We are big fans of no-carve pumpkins in my house. Because it’s less messy and a whole lot easier than pumpkin carving, it’s a great way to make pumpkin decorating even more kid friendly. Plus, there are just so many cute pumpkin ideas to choose from! We’ve made everything from simple emoji pumpkins to a Jack Skellington pumpkin.

I’m always trying to come up with new no carve pumpkin ideas and the inspiration for this one hit me in the Halloween aisle. I stumbled across this fun card in a store and voila, I had my next pumpkin idea!

Frankenstein card

How To Make A Frankenstein Pumpkin

The best part about Halloween crafts like these is how easy they are. You just need a few simple craft supplies and you’re ready to show off those artistic skills.

We used a styrofoam pumpkin (found at Dollar Tree) but it’s up to you if you want to use a craft pumpkin or a real pumpkin. Either one works for this pumpkin design.

Tips & Tricks

  • You may want to use green spray paint if you’re painting a very large pumpkin.
  • Don’t have craft foam? Make the teeth with white paint and use paint for the eyes as well.
  • If you’re painting pumpkins as a group activity for a party, you can save a lot of time by painting these monster pumpkins green in advance. This way, the kids won’t have to wait for the green paint to dry. All they’ll have to do is add the hair and facial features.

Just follow the tutorial below to make a scary monster of your own. Happy crafting!

Frankenstein pumpkin square
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Frankenstein Pumpkin Painting

Author Lisa O’Driscoll | Fun Money Mom
Additional Time 30 minutes
Paint drying time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
This Frankenstein pumpkin is the perfect no carve Halloween pumpkin craft for kids. It's easy, mess-free and way more fun than frightening!




  • Paint your entire pumpkin green. You may need two coats.
    Styrofoam pumpkin
    Styrofoam craft pumpkins
  • Draw hair on with a pencil or black sharpie. I like to have an outline so that it's easier to paint.
    Frankenstein hair outline on pumpkin
  • Paint the hair on top of the pumpkin with the black paint.
    Black acrylic paint
    Frankenstein hair painted on pumpkin
  • Use white, green and black craft foam to cut pieces for the eyes.
    Craft foam
    Cutouts for Frankenstein eyes
  • Assemble the eyes and glue with hot glue. Attach to the front of the pumpkin
    Frankenstein eyes made with craft foam
  • Use black craft foam to cut a mouth. I went a little rogue and made mine different from the card. There's no right or wrong way so make it the way you like. Use white craft foam to make teeth and glue them around the mouth.
    Craft foam mouth and teeth for Halloween pumpkin
  • Finally, take a permanent marker and make stitches around the eyes and mouth. You can add them to the side of the pumpkin too if you like.
    Frankenstein pumpkin with black stitches
  • Now you have an amazing Frankenstein themed pumpkin to add to your other Halloween decorations!
    Frankenstein pumpkin with tombstone and purple pumpkins



  • We used a faux pumpkin from Dollar Tree but this craft works just as well with real pumpkins.
  • Use mini pumpkins for cute baby monsters!
  • If you’re using a large pumpkin, you may want to save time by painting it with green spray paint instead of acrylic.

Did You Make This Project?

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If you really want to check out more cool pumpkins, check out Jim Seamon’s Frankenstein Pumpkin videos! He puts a baby pumpkin in a Frankenstein mold and then the pumpkin actually grows into a Frankenstein shape. You have to see it to believe it…so cool!

Do you think this monster pumpkin turned out like the card? It looks pretty close to me!

Frankenstein pumpkin with card

Add a few decorative pumpkins and you’ve got some really fun fun Halloween decor! Now, what do you think we should make next year?

No Carve Frankenstein Pumpkin

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    1. Aww…so sweet! Hope you have so much fun!

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