11 Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

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Need a Thanksgiving turkey recipe for the holidays? There are a gazillion ways to cook a turkey but these are some of my all time favorites! From traditional turkey recipes to cranberry turkey in puff pastry, there are no shortage of mouthwatering holiday recipes to choose from!

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Thanksgiving turkey recipes pin

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

  1. Maple Glazed Turkey With Maple & Sage Butter
  2. Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast
  3. Grilled Tuscan Style Turkey
  4. Easy Maple Glazed Roasted Turkey Breast
  5. Cranberry Hazelnut Turkey Wellington
  6. Lemon, Apple & Herb Turkey
  7. Applewood Smoked Turkey With Cider Bourbon Gravy
  8. Citrus & Herb Butter Roasted Turkey
  9. Orange Honey Glazed Roasted Turkey Breasts
  10. Rosemary Lemon Roasted Turkey
  11. Browned Butter Sage Turkey

We all know that the food is the best thing about Thanksgiving! From side dishes to Thanksgiving desserts, part of the fun is trying a little bit of everything (and then not wanting to eat again for three days)!

Of course, you also have to come up with a great turkey recipe. There are so many delicious Thanksgiving turkey recipes to choose from that I always have a hard time narrowing it down. From maple glazed turkey to applewood smoked turkey, they all look so good that I’m going to want to host Thanksgiving every year! So many turkeys, so little time!

Maple-Glazed Turkey with Bacon and Sage Butter
Maple glazed turkey with bacon
How can you possibly go wrong with maple glaze AND bacon as main ingredients in this Maple-Glazed Turkey with Bacon and Sage Butter
Check out this recipe
Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast
Cranberry glazed Thanksgiving turkey recipe
Cranberries are as much a part of Thanksgiving as pumpkin pie so turkey with cranberries sounds like the perfect combination.
Check out this recipe
Grilled Tuscan Style Turkey
Why not skip the traditional turkey recipes and go with this delicious grilled tuscan style turkey instead.
Check out this recipe
Easy Maple-Glazed Roasted Turkey Breast
Easy maple glazed roasted turkey breast
Make Thanksgiving dinner easy with this maple glazed roasted turkey breast.
Check out this recipe
Cranberry Hazelnut Turkey Wellington Recipe – With VIDEO included
Cranberry Hazelnut turkey wellington
It's hard to pick the best Thanksgiving turkey recipe but this cranberry hazelnut turkey wellington is pretty high on my list! This is perfect if you're celebrating Thanksgiving with a smaller dinner.
Check out this recipe
Turkey Recipe: Aromatic Lemon, Apple, and Herb Turkey
Lemon, apple and herb Thanksgiving turkey recipe
This lemon, apple and herb turkey recipe sounds absolutely mouthwatering and full of flavor!
Check out this recipe
Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast with Cider Bourbon Gravy
Applewood smoked turkey breast recipe
The thought of this applewood smoked turkey covered in cider bourbon gravy has me craving turkey already.
Check out this recipe
Citrus and Herb Butter Roast Turkey Recipe
Citrus herb Thanksgiving turkey recipe
If you like a traditional turkey recipes, this one combines citrus and herb flavors to make a delicious roasted turkey that everyone will love.
Check out this recipe
Roast Turkey Breast
Roasted turkey breast
If you don't want to prepare a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, this roast turkey breast makes a tasty (and easier) alternative.
Check out this recipe
Rosemary Lemon Roasted Turkey Recipe
Rosemary lemon roasted turkey
This turkey recipe combines two of my favorite ingredients, lemon and rosemary! It's definitely one I'll be trying very soon!
Check out this recipe
Browned Butter Sage Turkey
Thanksgiving turkey with browned butter sage
This is another more traditional turkey recipe that'll for sure be a hit at any holiday gathering.
Check out this recipe

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  1. Bookmarked! I’m going to host Thanksgiving this year and will try the Turkey Wellington recipe. It looks so good. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I want to try that one too! It looks so good!

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