Free Printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards

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These free printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards turn everyone’s favorite childhood game into the perfect super bowl party game! Guests of all ages will have a blast playing this simple game that gets everyone involved in the Super Bowl fun.

Super Bowl Bingo Cards with green background

Getting together with a big group to cheer on your favorite team this year? Whether you’re having a big game day party with lots of people or just watching with your family members, this free printable Super Bowl Bingo set is a great way to add some excitement to the big game day. Even if the football game is a blowout, everyone will still be paying attention to all the action on and off the field to fill their cards as quickly as possible.

Why We Love This Game

  • This football Bingo game is a fun way to add some excitement to Super Bowl parties. Even if the big game isn’t so exciting, this game will have everyone paying attention and playing along.
  • Everyone loves Bingo and it’s super easy to play, so this game will be a big hit with party guests of all ages.
  • You can turn this fun activity into a betting game, play for prizes, or just play for fun!

How to Play Super Bowl Bingo

Each player gets their own Bingo card containing a 5 x 5 grid with 25 squares. It’s just like regular bingo except that each square lists an event or occurrence that could take place during the game.

Some of these are football terms related to the game events, such as a field goal or an interception, while others involve other common game day sightings, such as cheerleaders, arguments on the field or a touchdown.

Football player scoring a touchdown

Every time an event happens that matches one of the squares, players will mark that square on their card. There’s also one free space that all players can mark off. The first person to get five squares in a row wins the game.

If your crowd enjoys betting on the action, you can easily turn this into a betting game by assigning a price to buy in. Then you can award the pool of money to the winner, or split it between the first, second, and third players to get 5 squares in a row. Even non-football fans will want to get in on the action!

How to Get Your Super Bowl Bingo Cards

To get your free printable Bingo cards, just select the link below to download the pdf file and print as many as you need. There are 12 unique Bingo cards which means you can have up to 12 players. You’ll want to have some felt-tip markers available so players can cross off their squares.

Blue and green super bowl bingo card

Print here >>> Super Bowl Bingo Cards


  • It’s a good idea to have everyone write their first name on their card, just so the cards don’t get mixed up when people get up for food and drinks.
  • If you plan to reuse the cards later, you can use coins or other objects as Bingo markers, rather than writing on the cards.
  • Although these will work fine with regular copy paper, you may want to print them on card stock so they’re sturdier, particularly if you plan to reuse them.
Football on white background

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