10 Of The Best Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas

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These creative Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas make an easy and fun way to serve all your favorite finger foods and game day appetizers!

Party table with food and drink for watching american football game.

Everyone knows that Super Bowl Sunday is just as much about all the tasty appetizers (and awesome commercials) as it is about the actual game. Usually the festivities begin hours before kickoff, so it’s important to make sure you have plenty of food to feed the hungry fans.

Charcuterie boards are by far one of our favorite appetizers during football season. Loaded with savory foods like meats, cheeses and veggies, or sweet treats like fruits, cookies and candy, they’re always a huge hit. The best part is that most of them require very little prep work, meaning you aren’t stuck in the kitchen and away from the game for hours.

💖 Why We Love These Charcuterie Board Ideas

  • Easy: Most charcuterie boards consist of store-bought items that are cleverly arranged to look fun and festive.
  • Feeds a crowd: Super fun way to feed a crowd. You can replenish the ingredients as certain items run out.
  • Versatile: You can swap out any of the items on these grazing boards with foods you prefer.

What is Charcuterie Board?

 A charcuterie board (pronounced shahr-koo-tuh-ree) is basically a board of sliced, cured meats, cheese, and other snacks. Though they were originally served as savory appetizers, now these grazing boards come in all sorts of fun and creative themes, from sweet to savory.

This Hot Cocoa Board and this pretty and festive Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board are popular examples of sweet treat snack boards that kiddos will adore!

🏈 Best Football Game Charcuterie Board Ideas

With these delicious football charcuterie boards, your guests will have plenty of delicious finger foods to graze on all afternoon.

Epic Reusable Wooden Snack Stadium
If you really want to wow the crowd, this super bowl charcuterie board is the way to go! This epic reusable snack stadium tutorial makes an impressive way to serve all your favorite game day foods.
However, if you're like me and not handy with woodwork (or just don't have the time), you can buy this cool pre-made snack stadium from Amazon.
Get Instructions Here
CharDUDErie (Ultimate Super Bowl Charcuterie)
CharDUDErie (Ultimate Super Bowl Charcuterie)
The CharDUDErie is a Charcuterie Board that focuses on the snacks men love. It has chicken wings, mini franks, pretzels and nachos, beer cheese…all the best finger foods for all your game day festivities.
Get Instructions Here
Super Bowl Buttercream Board
Super Bowl Buttercream Board
Buttercream boards are all the rage right now and for good reason. Surprise your guests with this fun Super Bowl buttercream board served with all your favorite snacks.
Get Instructions Here
Football Goal Post Charcuterie Board
Football Goal Post Charcuterie Board
This football charcuterie board is perfect for your next football watching party. Whether it’s the big game or just a regular weekend game day, this is a crowd pleasing, easy to make appetizer that everyone will love.
Get Instructions Here
Football Charcuterie Board
Charcuterie board with football in the center
Not your average meat and cheese platter, this football charcuterie board is the ultimate game day appetizer! Complete with a homemade cheese ball in a festive football shape, this board will be the star of the tailgate or Super Bowl party!
Get Instructions Here
The Ultimate Game Day Snack Board
The ultimate game day charcuterie board has all the best game-day snacks to munch on while you’re pulling for your favorite team. Filled with pretzels, dips and more, this tasty snack board is sure to be a fan favorite!
Get Instructions Here
Tailgating & Football Charcuterie Board
Tailgating & Football Charcuterie Board
If you're hosting a tailgate or watch party on Super Bowl Sunday, this board makes the ultimate tailgate appetizer! With meats, cheeses and more, it's a game-day grazing board that everyone will love.
Get Instructions Here
Football Tailgate Charcuterie Board
Football Tailgate Charcuterie Board
Step up your tailgating game with a football charcuterie board! It’ll be a hit no matter which team you’re cheering for and a great way to celebrate a game day win!
Get Instructions Here
Football Charcuterie Board
Football Charcuterie Board
Whether you’re watching college or professional football, this platter of sweet and salty snacks is perfect for your football parties! Fans of all ages will enjoy this Tailgate Cheese Board!
Get Instructions Here
Football Veggie Tray
Football Veggie Tray
This football veggie tray is game day ready! An easy, no-bake appetizer made with fresh veggies in the shape of a football! Serve it with homemade ranch or other dipping sauces for the perfect addition to your super bowl appetizers line up.
Get Instructions Here
Football Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Dip
Football Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Dip
Score a touchdown with this easy Football Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Dip for your next Game Day party and get ready to receive rave reviews while pulling for your favorite team! It’s a super fun way to serve sweet treats to all of your party guests.
Get Instructions Here

What are the Best Items for a Charcuterie Board?

Now that you have seen these awesome charcuterie boards, it’s time to have fun and use them as inspiration to make your own Super Bowl grazing board.

The key to the perfect charcuterie board is to make it with a variety of snacks you love the most. Add homemade treats, like your favorite dip, to simple items you pick up at the grocery store. Serve them with a couple different types of potato chips, tortilla chips, a combination of hard and soft pretzels, and crackers and you’re all set!

Need more inspiration? Check out this awesome grazing table for more snack ideas!

Ingredients for making a charcuterie board

Here are some other simple items to consider adding:

  • Veggies: Crunchy veggies not only add texture but they’re a great way to add beautiful color. Celery sticks, slices of cucumbers, baby carrots and grape tomatoes make an awesome addition.
  • Cheese Choose an assortment of soft cheese and hard cheese with different textures and taste. I love cheddar cheese, mini mozzarella balls, gouda, colby jack, mozzarella sticks and brie.
  • Meats: Select a few dried meats that taste well with your cheese selection. Salami, prosciutto and even summer sausage all work well on grazing boards.
  • Fresh Fruit: Go with whatever fruit is in season! Berries work well because the juice doesn’t run onto the other items. If using sliced fruit, consider placing them in small bowls in areas on your board.
  • Nuts: Add a little crunch to your meat and cheese patter like candied pecans and spicy almonds, or salty nut mix.
  • Pickled food: Artichoke hearts, olives, sweet & sour Cornichons, petite gherkins, pickled peppers all add a zesty touch.
  • Sweet treats: If you’re going with a dessert board, choose sweet snacks with different taste and textures. Soft chocolates, crispy cookies and a sweet and creamy dessert dip like this Dunkaroo Dip.

Want More Super Bowl Party Foods?

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10 of the Best Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Idea

These creative Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas are an easy and fun way to serve all you favorite finger foods on game day.


  • Epic Reusable Wooden Snack Stadium
  • CharDUDErie (Ultimate Super Bowl Charcuterie)
  • Super Bowl Buttercream Board
  • Football Goal Post Charcuterie Board
  • Football Charcuterie Board
  • The Ultimate Game Day Snack Board
  • Tailgating & Football Charcuterie Board
  • Football Tailgate Charcuterie Board
  • Football Charcuterie Board
  • Football Veggie Tray
  • Football Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Dip


  • Choose your favorite charcuterie board idea.
  • Gather the ingredients needed to make it.
  • Put together the ultimate charcuterie board and enjoy!
The nutrition information provided is an estimate and can vary based on cooking methods and ingredients used.

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