30+ Awesome Glow In The Dark Party Decoration Ideas

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Throwing a glow party? You’ll want all the best glow in the dark party decoration ideas! From black lights to neon streamers and everything in between, here’s everything you need for an epic party!

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Glow party ideas

Who doesn’t love glow in the dark parties, right? It’s such a great idea for a party and of course you know the kids will have so much fun! Plus, it’s the type of parties that all ages will love, even those picky tweens and teens.

Of course, if you’re throwing one you’re going to want all the best glow in the dark supplies. From glow in the dark balloons to a good black light, these are some of our favorites!

Glow In The Dark Party Decoration Ideas

These glow party ideas are just what you need for your glow in the dark theme, whether you’re having a spooky Halloween party or a fun birthday bash.

Black Lights And More

One of the most essential parts of any glow in the dark party is black lights. That’s what gives everything that magical glow (and basically makes everything look cool)!

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to these.

Black light bar for a glow party

A black light bar is the easiest option for your party. Just plug it in an you’re good to go. It also has built in brackets so you can hang from the wall or ceiling if you choose. Either way, these lights will give everything in the room a cool glow.

Black light strips

These black light strips are fun because you can string them around the room, outdoors or anywhere else you like for a cool black light effect.

Black light bulbs

If you want to make it really easy, you can buy black light bulbs and just replace your ordinary bulbs for the night.

This fun projector light can be used as a party decoration, then double as a nightlight when the kids go to bed.

Glow In The Dark Accessories

colorful artificial candles

These fun glow in the dark candles are a fun party decoration that are perfect for any glow in the dark party.

Light up pebbles

These glowing pebbles make great accents and will glow a pretty blue color for the party.

Light up party table decor

These fun party table decorations will glow in the dark and will make a great glow in the dark centerpiece on your party tables.

Glow In The Dark Decorations

Neon party garland for glow party

Fun and colorful, this neon party garland will glow in the dark and will be a fun glowing party decoration.

Colorful streamers

Another fun hanging decoration that will be great for the party, these star swirls glow in the dark for extra fun.

Birthday supplies for glow party

All of the party decorating essentials you need to throw the perfect glow in the dark birthday party. You’ll get a bundle of glow in the dark party decorations, from balloons, tape, a Happy Birthday banner and more.

Party signs for glow in the dark party

These cool glow party signs make fun decor that can go pretty much anywhere.

Neon streamers

If you are using a blacklight for your party, these colorful streamers come in neon colors that will glow in the dark under the uv light.

Glow in the dark tape

This glow in the dark tape will allow you to create your own party decorations. Outline your favorite party items or create fun shapes and designs with this tape.

Neon balloons for party

You can’t have birthday parties without balloons and these fun neon balloons glow in the dark too!

Paper lanterns for parties

You have to buy the lights separately but these paper lanterns would make great decor once they’re lit up.

Glow Party Supplies

In addition to decorations, you’ll need invitations and glow in the dark party supplies too!

Glow party invitation

You’ll need to start by inviting everyone to the party and this glow party invitation perfectly fits your party theme.

Tablecloth for glow party

Add this fun tablecloth to your glow party and it will add a bit of neon and glow in the dark colors to your party.

Light up cups for party

Everyone will love drinking out of these glowing party cups! You can even throw some glowing ice cubes in the cups too!

Colorful ice cubes for a party drink

These glowing ice cubes come in lots of different colors and are going to make everyone’s drinks SO much more fun!

Colorful plates and cups

This party set comes with plates, napkins, cups and cutlery that give off a fun glow under the black light!

Glow In The Dark Party Fun & Games

Neon party circles

These dance floor circles come in bright neon colors that you can use as glow in the dark decorations or even party games. Put them on the floor for a musical chairs type game and when the music stops, take one away. The last person left standing one a circle is the winner!

Light up hula hoops

These glowing hula hoops will be loads of fun for both the kids and the adults. Put them on the floor for races, have hula hoop competitions or play whatever game you like!

Light up beach balls

Let everyone play outside with these glowing beach balls. The best part is that if one gets away, it won’t be hard to find!

LED bowling game

Enjoy a little glow in the dark bowling with this LED bowling set!

Neon fabric paint

Grab some white t-shirts and let everyone make their own glow in the dark shirt with these neon fabric paints.

Neon colored photo booth props

Set up a photo booth with these neon glow in the dark photo booth props!

Backdrop for glow party photo booth

You can use the props above with this fun photo backdrop.

Glow In The Dark Party Favors

Glow in the dark party sticks

Don’t forget the glow sticks! Glow parties are always more fun with fun glow in the dark party sticks! Give all the party guests these glow bracelets to wear so they can light up the night. Buy an extra set and everyone can have glow necklaces too!

LED Sunglasses

These LED sunglasses make great party favors! You may not actually have to worry about the sunlight but everyone will look extra cool wearing these around the party!

Glowing pigment powder

This pigment powder glows in the dark so to add extra glow to your party. You can get creative and use it in multiple different ways to make the party more festive.

fluorescent paints for face and body

These fluorescent paints are a fun way for guests to really get into the action. They can be used as face paint, body paint or even use them to decorate party supplies like balloons.

Glow in the dark spinning bracelet

What kid wouldn’t want a glow in the dark spinning bracelet! Love this idea for a fun party favor!

There are so many awesome glow in the dark party ideas that I could probably come up with a gazillion more (and maybe I will)! Hopefully these amazing ideas will get you off to a great start and you’ll have the best party ever!

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