Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft

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30 minutes

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This unicorn toilet paper roll craft is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained this summer. Easy to make and super cute, your kids will have so much fun creating this simple craft!

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Summer is in full swing which means the kids are home from school. That also means that it’s the time of the year that I’m looking for new and fun ways to keep them entertained!

That’s why I love easy toilet paper roll crafts for kids. I mean, with three girls in the house, we have an overwhelming supply of these cardboard tubes. Instead of tossing them, we save the empty toilet paper rolls for crafts instead. Now when those summer storms roll through, we’ve got a fun craft project to keep everyone happy.

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How To Make A Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Your kids are going to have so much fun making these adorable magical creatures! Plus, with easy crafts like this, you probably already have the supplies you need on hand (but keep reading for easy substitutions).


  • Toilet paper roll
  • White construction paper
  • Pink construction paper
  • Gold glitter card stock or gold glitter foam
  • Curling ribbon (3-4 different colors)
  • Mini flowers

What can I use if I don’t have a toilet paper rolls?

If you haven’t been saving your toilet paper rolls, you can also use paper towel rolls cut in half. You can also roll up a piece of construction paper into the same shape. Just roll it around several times. The extra layers to make the unicorn’s body sturdier.

What if I don’t have construction paper?

No construction paper? Use whatever craft material you have. Use wrapping paper, colored tissue or even white copy paper. You can even paint the toilet rolls.

If you need paper for the ears, just cut them out of white copy paper and use a pink crayon or pink paint for the smaller pieces inside of the ears.

How can I make the unicorn horn without glitter paper?

You can make your own glitter paper just by spreading glue over a piece of paper, then sprinkle on some gold glitter and let dry.

I don’t have curling ribbon. What else can I use?

If you don’t have curling ribbon, you can use rainbow yarn or gift wrap tissue paper cut into thin strips. You can also curl colored pipe cleaners around a pencil and use them for the unicorn hair instead.

Unicorn paper towel roll craft
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Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Author Lisa O’Driscoll | Fun Money Mom
Additional Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Your kids will love making this adorable unicorn toilet paper roll craft! It's easy and fun and the best part is that you probably already have all the supplies you need!




  • Start by cutting a piece of white construction paper large enough to cover your toilet paper roll. Use a hot glue gun and glue it on the roll to make the unicorn’s body.
    Toilet paper roll in white construction paper
  • Cut a unicorn horn from the glitter paper and use the white and pink construction paper to make two ears. I just cut triangles, shaped them a little with the scissors and hot glued the pink to the white.
    Unicorn horn and ears
  • From the inside, glue the unicorn’s horn to the middle of the toilet paper roll. Next, glue the bottom of the ears on either side.
  • I found that the best way to draw eyes was to start with a pencil. Then when you’re happy with how they look, the next step is to trace over them with the black marker. (You can also use googly eyes and add eyelashes)
    Unicorn eyes for toilet paper roll craft
  • Cut 8 pieces of curling ribbon. You can make them whatever length, just remember that they’ll get shorter when you curl them. Run them along the sharp edge of your scissors to make them curl (adults can help younger kids with this part). The harder you press the ribbon on the scissors, the curlier it will be. I gave mine a medium curl.
  • Gather the ribbon at one end and add a little bit of glue to hold them together.
    Curling ribbon held together with hot glue
  • Glue the ribbon to the inside of the toilet paper roll, just below the horn.
    Ribbon glued to inside of toilet paper roll craft
  • Use hot glue to add flowers to the top of the paper tube, just in front of the horn.
  • Now you’ve just made the cutest ever unicorn toilet paper roll craft!
    Unicorn toilet paper roll craft with flowers

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Originally, this is how I left it but then it hit me that the unicorn would be extra cute with some rosy cheeks too! I cut two circles from pink construction paper and glued them just under the ends of the eyelashes.

So adorable right? It’s definitely one of my new favorite toilet paper roll crafts!

This simple unicorn craft is perfect for a unicorn birthday party or just an easy way to get the kids off their technology for awhile.

There are so many more fun ideas too! If you like craft projects like this, you’ll want to try my colorful butterfly craft too!

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