25+ Magical Harry Potter Party Favor Ideas

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Need Harry Potter Party Favor Ideas for your next celebration? From magic wands to Pez dispensers, little wizards will love these fun birthday party favors!

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Everybody loves a Harry Potter party and when it comes to birthday parties, it’s one of our favorite themes. There are just so many fun ideas for it, from Harry Potter recipes to games and invitations.

Of course, no birthday party is complete without party favors, right? Lucky for us, there are plenty of cool choices. Add your favorite party favors to a goodie bag and the kids will have so much fun checking out the surprises inside.

Harry Potter Party Favor Ideas

Wizard Bands

Great for any birthday goody bag, these Harry Potter themed wizard bands will be a hit with both girls and boys.

Wizard Wand Pencils

These fun wizard themed magic wands also double as pencils. It’s a fun Harry Potter favor the kids are sure to enjoy.

Harry Potter Pens

These colorful pens are both fun and functional. Hogwarts students never know when they’re going to need to have a pen handy.

Harry Potter Wizard Glasses

Every Harry Potter fan needs their own set of round glasses. These will be fun to wear during the party, then take home as a fun souvenir.

Harry Potter Candy Dispensers

Candy is always a fun party favor and these Harry Potter PEZ dispensers are cute and come in all your favorite Harry Potter characters.

Witch Broom Pens

Another fun party favorite that you can put in the goody bag, these pens are shaped like a witch’s broom.

Plush Keychains

Washable and plush, these cute Harry Potter keychains will make the perfect collectible party favor.

Harry Potter Stamps

With all your favorite characters included, these Harry Potter stamps will go well in your bag of party goodies.

Harry Potter Favor Bundle

If you are looking for something easy, this Harry Potter favor bundle has everything you need for your party favors.

Harry Potter Jelly Beans

These aren’t just any old jelly beans. Add a little sweetness to the party favor bags with Harry’s favorite, Bertie Bott Every Flavor Beans.

Harry Potter Reusable Cups

Not only can these be used to hold the party drinks, but the cups can also be sent home with guests as a fun party favor.

Wizard Bookmarks

Book lovers will love these fun wizard themed bookmarks. Sent home as a party favor, these bookmarks will allow them to save their spot in their favorite Harry Potter books.

Harry Potter Pencil Toppers

These pencil toppers are super cute and feature 12 of our favorite characters from the books and movies.

Cauldron Candy Holders

Send the children home in style with candy by placing the candy in these fun Harry Potter themed cauldrons.

Wizards Brew Slime Potion

Super cute and fun, these party favors are filled with slime for a fun party favor the kids can take home.

Harry Potter Pen and Temporary Tattoo Set

After the party, send the kids home with a Harry Potter pen set that comes with temporary tattoos.

Harry Potter Sticker Set

Stickers are always a great addition to a party favor bag because they’re easy to find and relatively inexpensive.

Harry Potter Wristbands

Little wizards will love these cute bracelets, each featuring one of the four Hogwarts houses. You can even put them into this sorting hat and let the kids “sort” themselves.

Wizard Drawstring Backpacks

What are you going to put all those party favors in? Why not fill these Harry Potter themed drawstring backpacks?

Chocolate Frogs

These chocolate frogs fit perfectly with the Harry Potter theme! Buy the prepackaged ones or save money by making your own (our choice). Just pour a little melted chocolate into this candy mold and make as many as you want.

Magical Activity Packs

Each of these mini activity packs features a fun activity or science experiment that’ll make kids feel as if they’re making their own magic.

Magic Wands

One of the things Harry Potter can’t live without is his magic wand and kids will have a great time casting spells when they have their own personal magic wand. With four to a pack, these wands come complete with lights and sound effects too.

Skeleton Keys

Party guests can unleash some magic with these cool skeleton keys. They’d just better hold on tight before the keys try to fly away!

Mini Dragons

The kids will love opening their goodie bags to find these miniature dragons inside. They come in a pack of 36 so depending on the size of the party, kids may be able to have several of these fun toys.

Harry Potter Lollipops

Each of these features a different character and with 12 to a set, this lollipop pack comes in a variety of flavors that includes lemon, lime, orange, grape and cherry.

Harry Potter Tote Bag

Not only is this bag perfect for holding all those party favors, the kids will be able to use it for a million other things too.

Page Clips

Kids won’t have to worry about losing their bookmarks because these clips attach right on the page.

Photo Souvenirs

For an even more magical party, give each child a photo to take home as a souvenir. Put up a brick wall or Hogwarts backdrop and use these photo booth props to make it extra fun. Even Moaning Myrtle would be smiling. The bonus? The backdrops also conveniently double as Harry Potter party decorations.

More Fun Party Ideas

Want more magical ideas? These free printables and activities are perfect for any Harry Potter birthday party:

Harry Potter Bingo – Just print these out on cardstock and you have a fun party game ready to go.

Harry Potter Coloring Pages – Sometimes kids arrive early so I like to plan fun but easy activities like this to keep them entertained until we’re ready to start the party.

DIY Harry Potter Wands – These DIY Harry Potter Wands make an easy craft that kids of all ages will love. This is best for smaller parties since it can get a little messy with too many kids making them at once.

Harry Potter Invitations – You can’t have a themed birthday party without the right invitations and these are perfect for the occasion.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas – All the Harry Potter party ideas you could possibly want, from food and games to the floating candles of the great hall.

How To Make Butterbeer – There may be pumpkin juice and polyjuice potion but there’s no better drink in the wizarding world than butterbeer. This recipe is super easy to make and even more fun to drink!

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