Harry Potter Invitations (free printables)

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Harry Potter invitations are a must if you’re planning a Harry Potter themed party for your little wizard! I’ve got two printable invitations for you to choose from so pick your favorite and start customizing!

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Harry Potter Party Invitations

When we were planning my daughter’s Harry Potter birthday party, it was a no-brainer that I’d make my own Harry Potter party invitations. Not only would I be able to customize thembut I’d also save a few dollars. That would give me more to put towards Harry Potter gifts instead.

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Harry Potter Invitations

For printing invitations, I’m totally hooked on this HP Invitation Kit. It makes everything so easy and I use it for all my party invites. I also used it for these Harry Potter Thank You Cards.

Party Invitation Kit

To make my Harry Potter invitation template, I used a free font from Dafont.com. I then upload it to Picmonkey, the site I use to add text to birthday invitation template (more on this below). I love Picmonkey becasue they make it so easy to customize everything.

Invitation #1

I’ve made several versions of these Harry Potter birthday invitations. The first features the Hogwarts crest on old fashioned parchment paper. Just print the invitations from this template and fill in the party information by hand with a permanent marker.

Harry Potter Party Invitation

Harry Potter Invitation 1

You can also edit and add text to this on PicMonkey with the JPG version.

If you want to fill out your party details online, then print them out, you can do that too! Just add the party information using your new Harry Potter font (or any other font you like). I used this Harry P font from Dafont. Here’s an example…

Harry Potter Sample Invitation

PicMonkey makes it really easy to customize your Harry Potter birthday invitation. I’ve already included spots for the party date, party start time, email address, phone number and party location. You just have to add the details.

If you’ve never used it before, this easy tutorial gives has step by step instructions. I’ve included the jpg version, which you’ll need for PicMonkey as well as a pdf version.

Harry Potter Invitation 2 Customizable

Customizable Harry Potter Invitation Template (jpg)

Customizable Harry Potter Invitation Template (pdf version)

Invitation #2

I recently decided to create a second set of printable invitations. Now you have even more Harry Potter invitations to choose from. The invitation wording is similar but the style is different. These come straight from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

The thing that’s different about these is that you can print them in two sizes. I’ve got the standard 5×7 that you can use with the invitation kit or you can print two invitations side by side on 8.5×11 cardstock and just cut them apart.

Harry Potter invitations 8.5x11

Just choose which version you’d like to use for your Harry Potter birthday celebration.

Harry Potter Invitations 5×7JPEG / PDF

Harry Potter Invitations 8.5×11JPEG / PDF

To customize them in PicMonkey, check out this post for a full tutorial.

Don’t feel like going through the trouble to customize them? You can print one of these versions and just fill in the blanks:

8.5 x11 Fill In The Blank Version

5×7 Fill In The Blank Version

Harry Potter Envelopes

After I saw this owl image on Etsy, I went ahead and made envelopes too. After all, the invitations are even cooler if they arrive by owl post, right?

To print the envelopes, choose the C7 as your paper size if it’s an option. My printer doesn’t have that option so I had to use C6 instead. It was slightly off center but still looked okay. Then I put the envelopes in the regular paper tray since they were just a smidge too big for the photo tray.

The landscape or portrait setting will depend on the direction that you place the envelopes in the tray.

Envelope with owl and scroll

Envelope Template for Harry Potter Invitations

You may want to try printing a test envelope first, to be sure you’ve got the settings just how you want them. That way you can make adjustments if needed.

All that’s left is to add each child’s name to an envelope and you’re good to go.

Envelope with invitation

Want more options? You can find these Hogwart’s Express Train Ticket invitations on Etsy or get high tech with your own version of this video invitation.

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  1. Thanks! We used the first ones for my daughters 10th birthday party

    1. I love that! I hope that she had an amazing birthday!

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