Mike Wazowski Pumpkin

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This Mike Wazowski Pumpkin is the perfect Halloween craft for Monsters Inc fans. Made with just a styrofoam craft pumpkin and a few other easy to find supplies, it’s easy, budget friendly craft that just so happens to be super cute too!

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Mike Wazowski pumpkin with Monsters Inc logo

In our house, we don’t do pumpkin carving for Halloween. Nope, we’re all about the painted pumpkins. Not only is it less messy but if you use craft pumpkins, you can save them to use as Halloween decor every year!

If we can feature characters from our favorite movies, even better! We’ve made everything from a Harry Potter pumpkin to a Minion Pumpkin but this time we’ve got a different movie in mind…the Disney Pixar film Monsters Inc.

Since we love all things Disney, this Mike Wazowski pumpkin was a pretty easy choice! The best part is that it’s so easy, even the littlest crafters can make their own pumpkin.

(And when they’re all done, they can make this Sully Pumpkin too)

✂️Materials Needed

Styrofoam craft pumpkins

I use these styrofoam pumpkins from Dollar Tree for almost all my pumpkins. They’re super cheap and really easy to work with. Plus, if you totally screw it up and want to start over on a new one, you’re only out a dollar and some change.

Here’s what else you’ll need:

  • Paint brushes
  • 2 round sponge brushes (medium & large)
  • Pencil
  • Craft paint: green, white, blue, black

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Mike Wazowski Pumpkin

Active Time 30 minutes
Drying time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
This fun Mike Wazowski pumpkin makes the perfect Halloween craft for little Monsters Inc fans.




  • Paint the entire pumpkin with green paint. Let dry for about 30 minutes. You may need a second coat. If so, allow to dry for another 30 minutes. (I painted a blue pumpkin too, so that I could make Sully)
    Pumpkins painted green and blue
  • You're going to need a large white circle for the front of your pumpkin. You can go straight for the paint but we like to make one with pencil first, just to make things easier. (I traced washi tape to make this one)
    Pumpkin painted green
  • Fill in the circle with white paint.
    Green pumpkin painted with a white circle
  • Using a round sponge brush, place a blue circle inside the white one. I made mine just a little off center.
    Making a blue dot with paint on Mike Wazowski pumpkin
  • Use a smaller round sponge brush to paint a black pupil inside the blue eye. Next, use a paint brush to paint the mouth black.
    Pupil and mouth painted on Mike Wazowski pumpkin
  • Use white paint to add teeth. Then add a small dot of white to give his pupil a little sparkle.
    White teeth painted on pumpkin mouth
  • Add a speck of white to the pupil. Let dry for about 30 minutes and your Mike Wazowski pumpkin is ready for Halloween!
    Mike Wazowski pumpkin with Monsters Inc. logo


  • Use any round household object to trace circles on your pumpkin to make painting it easier. I’ve used everything from washi tape rolls to shot glasses to make the perfect circle. 
  • If you plan to make a Sully pumpkin as well, paint another pumpkin blue while you wait for Mike to dry…it’ll save time later.

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More Disney Inspired Pumpkin Ideas

Next time you can make a Sully pumpkin to have both of the main characters from the movie. Not only is it a fun Halloween project but these are also a great activity for your next Monsters Inc or Monsters University movie night!

Sully and Mike Wazowski pumpkins

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