Clothespin Snowman Craft

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This adorable Clothespin Snowman Craft is the perfect activity for the holidays! With just a few simple items found at your local dollar store, kids will have so much fun making this cute craft to display for Christmas.

Snowman crafts for winter

We’ve always loved crafting, especially when it comes to fun crafts for the holiday season. When the craft is budget-friendly too, it’s a win/win!

That’s why clothespin crafts are so perfect for the holidays and we’ve made everything from a Clothespin Christmas Tree to Clothespin Reindeer and even a Clothespin Santa Hat. Not only are they super fun and easy for the kids but you can usually find many of your supplies at your local dollar store.

This Clothespin Snowman Craft is no exception! It’s the perfect craft idea for class parties but also a fun family project when the kids are home during winter break. Just pull out your craft supplies and you’re good to go.

What You’ll Need

Materials for clothespin snowman craft


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Liquid Craft Glue with Fine Tip Applicator (optional)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


  • Wooden Clothespins, Spring-Style *
  • White Craft Paint
  • Orange Craft Paint
  • Chenille Stems, Assorted Colors *
  • Pom Poms, Assorted Colors *
  • Wiggle Eyes *
  • Wooden Toothpicks * (or orange craft foam)
  • Rhinestones, Assorted Colors *

*Can usually be found at Dollar Tree

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Clothespin Snowman Craft

Additional Time 30 minutes
This Clothespin Snowman Craft is the perfect holiday craft for kids! With just a few simple supplies, you've got a craft that's both easy and fun…and budget-friendly too!



  • Remove the metal spring from between each wooden clothespin. Flip the clothespins and line them up in the opposite direction, so the flat sides are back to back. Use the glue gun to glue them together.
    Reconstructing clothespins for snowman
  • Paint the clothespin front and back with white paint. Let dry and paint a second coat if needed.
    Painting clothespins white
  • Using liquid glue with a fine tip applicator (or hot glue), attach two mini googly eyes near the top of the clothespin. Set aside to dry.
    Glueing google eyes on snowmen
  • For the carrot nose, paint the ends of toothpicks with orange paint and let dry. Cut about ½” of the orange end off with scissors and use white glue to attach it to your snowman's face.
    Making snowman noses with orange painted toothpicks
  • To make the scarves, cut chenille stems into 4” lengths. Twist them around the neck of each snowman, then position the ends to the left or the right.
    Using pipe cleaners for scarves
  • To make earmuffs, cut a piece of silver tinsel chenille about 1” long. Bend chenille into a “U” shape and glue to each side of the snowman's head. Glue pom poms over the end of each stem using a glue gun and glue sticks.
    Adding cute buttons to snowmen
  • Finally, add 2-3 self-adhesive rhinestone "buttons" to the snowman body.
    Adding cute buttons to snowmen
  • Use these adorable snowman clothespins as fun holiday decor, attach them to gifts or add a string to the back and hang from the Christmas tree!
    Clothespin Snowman Craft with snowflake decor


  • If working with younger kids, you may want to use liquid glue instead of hot glue. You’ll just have to wait a little longer for it to dry.
  • While you can use the hot glue for the entire project, it’s sometimes easier to use liquid craft glue for the smaller pieces.
  • Don’t have rhinestones? You can use black paint to make small black buttons instead. You can also do the same if you don’t have googly eyes…just make black eyes with a little dot of paint.
  • You can also substitute orange craft foam or felt in place of toothpicks for the nose.

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Not only do these clothespin snowmen make a fun craft but the bonus is that making them helps your kids with their fine motor skills too! Even more reason to love this simple snowman craft, right?

Clothespin Snowman with concrete backdrop

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