Grinch Pumpkin Painting Craft

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This cute no carve Grinch Pumpkin is the perfect way to celebrate the spooky season while getting ready for the Christmas holidays ahead! Easy and budget friendly, it’s the perfect Halloween craft for any age!

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Grinch pumpkin with santa hat

How To Make A Grinch Pumpkin

If you’re a regular to my blog, you’ll know I’m all about the cute Halloween pumpkin ideas! I love them so much that you can even catch me making them on ABC7’s Suncoast View every year! This year I had several new creations, including a Taylor Swift pumpkin and everyone’s favorite Christmas meanie, the Grinch!

Like my Jack Skellington pumpkin, it’s the perfect way to mesh Halloween and Christmas so that you can celebrate two holidays at once! Plus, you can leave him out until New Year’s since he’s a great Christmas decoration too!

Grinch pumpkin with santa claus hat

Why We Love This Craft

Easy – We love painted pumpkins because they’re just so much easier than carving them. Not only is it safer than pumpkin carving but you’ll skip the mess too!

Budget friendly – Almost all of the materials I used came from either Dollar Tree or Walmart. That means that not only is our pumpkin super-cute, it costs next to nothing to make him!

Fun for all ages – This is one of those DIY crafts that the grownups will have just as much fun with as the little ones do. It makes a great family night activity!

Styrofoam craft pumpkins

Materials Needed

While the pumpkin and hat are from Dollar Tree, I get a lot of my paints from Walmart. They have a much bigger selection of colors and you can get 2 ounce bottles for less than $1 each!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Craft Pumpkin
  • Green Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • Black Marker
  • Santa Hat
  • Craft Stuffing (optional)

If you don’t have craft stuffing, you can just use pretty much anything you have on hand to stuff the hat. Try cotton balls, crumpled paper or even crumple some plastic grocery bags (which is what I did when I realized I was out of stuffing!).

More Halloween Pumpkin Painting Ideas

From book characters to classic monsters, your kids will have a blast getting creative with these no-carve Halloween pumpkin designs!

Grinch pumpkin with lights and ornaments in background
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Grinch Pumpkin (No Carve)

Active Time 45 minutes
Drying time 45 minutes
This no carve Grinch Pumpkin is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween while getting ready for the Christmas season ahead! Easy and budget friendly, it's the perfect craft for any age!



  • Paint craft pumpkin with green paint. Add a second coat if needed and let dry completely.
    A green pumpkin with paint on a plate next to a paint brush.
  • Use a black marker to draw an outline of the eyes, then add the nose.
    A hand holding a green pumpkin with a face drawn on it.
  • Fill in the eyes with yellow paint.
    A person painting a green pumpkin with yellow eyes.
  • Use the black marker to add eyelashes and eyebrows.
    A person holding a green pumpkin with eyes painted on it.
  • Once the yellow paint has dried completely, add details to the eyes. The Grinch's eyes have kind of a thick black horseshoe shape in the middle.
    A hand holding a green pumpkin with a green face on it.
  • Use the marker to give your Grinch a wide, mischievous smile. It should extend to just under the ends of both eyes.
    A person is holding up a green pumpkin painted with the grinch's face.
  • Take your Santa hat and fold the white trim so that only half of it is visible. Secure it in place with hot glue.
    A hand holding down the trim of a santa hat with a hot glue gun in the background
  • Stuff the hat with craft stuffing, cotton, paper or even plastic grocery bags (you can use whatever you have handy). Use hot glue to attach the Santa hat to your pumpkin. Finally, fold the hat over slightly and hold in place with a drop or two of hot glue. Let the glue set and now your pumpkin is ready for Halloween fun!
    How the grinch stole christmas.


  • Be sure to let the paint dry completely before writing on it with the marker.
  • I’ve included Amazon links but you’ll find almost everything you need much cheaper at Dollar Tree and/or Walmart, including the pumpkin and Santa hat. 

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