Harry Potter Cornish Pixie Jar

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8 hours 45 minutes

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This Harry Potter Cornish Pixie Jar is the perfect way for little Hogwarts fans to capture their very own cornish pixie. Use them as a nightlight, Harry Potter party decor or even give them out as a goodie bag gift. Just don’t let them escape or they’ll wreak havoc!

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Harry Potter cornish pixie jar craft with purple light

We’re big fans of the wizarding world in my house and love everything from making Harry Potter recipes like the classic butterbeer to fun crafts like this DIY Harry Potter wand.

Now we have an all new craft to love and it’s a fun one! Easy enough for all ages to enjoy, kids can catch their very own cornish pixie, in a jar complete with color changing lights.

What Is A Cornish Pixie

If you’ve seen the movie Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, you’ll remember how these mischievous flying creatures created nothing but chaos when they got loose in Professor Lockhart’s class. Harry and his friends learned the hard that these tiny, bright blue pixies can be extremely difficult to catch if they escape their cage.

Luckily Hermione was able to save the day by using a freezing charm spell to get them back under control.

Why We Love This Craft

Easy – Though smaller children may need help cutting out the pixies and tags, it’s easy enough that most children can make this on their own.

Budget friendly – This craft takes just a few simple supplies that can be found at any craft stores. Some of these items can be found at dollar stores as well.

Materials Needed

Materials for Harry Potter Cornish Pixie Jars

If you choose to order these online, you can find links to most of these items in the how-to card below.

  • Recycled Glass or Plastic Jars with Metal Lids
  • Tissue Paper, White – Dollar Store
  • Acrylic Craft Paint – Black, Holographic Glitter
  • Decoupage Medium
  • Natural Jute Twine – Dollar Store
  • Battery Operated Tea Lights – Dollar Store
  • Brown Cardstock (can also use white)
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Hole Punch
Harry Potter Cornish Pixie Jar square
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Harry Potter Cornish Pixie Jars

Active Time 45 minutes
Drying time 8 hours
Total Time 8 hours 45 minutes
These Cornish Pixie Jars are the perfect craft for little Harry Potter fans! Make them for a movie night, party or just some rainy day fun!



  • Wash and dry all the jars and metal lids, and then peel all labels. You can use any type or size jar as long as it's clear with a screw on lid.
    Jars for Cornish Pixie craft
  • Use black acrylic paint to paint a basecoat on the metal lids. Let dry and add a second coat, if needed.
    Lids for cornish pixie jars painted black
  • Download and print the CORNISH PIXIE PATTERN SHEET on regular printer paper. Select the Cornish Pixie size that fits your jars best, then carefully cut them out.
    Cornish Pixie templates cut out
  • Use decoupage medium and a paintbrush to coat the inside front of each jar. Place the Cornish Pixie inside, with the black ink side facing out. Use your paintbrush to press it gently into the decoupage medium. Add another coat of decoupage medium to cover the back of the Cornish Pixie.
    Pixies glued to the side of glass jars
  • Tear tissue paper into pieces, then coat the outside of the jars with decoupage medium. Lay the pieces of tissue paper over the medium, then add a second coat of decoupage medium on the top of the tissue paper.
    Jar covered with white tissue paper
  • Turn the jars upside down and let dry overnight.
    Jars sitting out to let glue dry
  • Screw the lids back onto the jars. Using your paintbrush and a dabbing motion, paint some of the holographic glitter paint around the edges of the Cornish Pixies.
    Jars with lids attached and sparkling glitter painted on them
  • Download and print the CORNISH PIXIE TAGS on brown cardstock. Choose the tags that are the appropriate size for each jar, then cut out with scissors and punch a hole in the top of each one.
    Tags for cornish pixie jars
  • Wrap twine around the neck of each jar, then thread the tag onto the twine. Tie in a know, then use scissors to trip the ends of the twine.
    Jars for cornish pixie jars attached with string
  • Take the tea lights out of their packaging, then pull the tab out from the battery cavity to light them up. These tea lights are color changing, which the little ones always love!
    Tea lights to light up Cornish Pixie Jars
  • Once you've turned the tea lights on, place one in each jar and attach the lid.
    Cornish Pixie jars lit up

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Easy, peasy, right? How fun are these, especially for a Harry Potter themed party! The kids loved how the candles changed colors, making these jars truly “magical”.

Cornish pixie jar with green light
Cornish pixie jar with blue light
Cornish pixie jar with purple light

You could even use them to light your outside walkway for a Harry Potter party. Or just display them inside for fun party decor. Everyone will be so impressed that you were actually able to catch one of those elusive cornish pixies!

Harry Potter cornish pixie jars with colorful lights

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