How To Draw Moana (with free printable)

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If you have a little Disney fan in your house, they’ll love learning how to draw Moana. With a free printable and easy step by step tutorial, this fun activity is perfect for a Moana party or movie night.

A "How to Draw Princess Moana" guide with step-by-step instructions and illustrations on a colorful ocean-themed background with corals and waves.
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Every since the first Moana movie came out, we’ve been big fans. My youngest even celebrated with a Moana birthday party, which was of course, tons of fun!

The days of Disney princess parties may be behind us but we still love a good Disney movie, which is why we can’t wait to see Moana 2 later this year!

Illustration of Moana holding a wooden paddle, wearing an orange top and cream skirt.

How To Draw Moana

If you’re as excited as we are, you’ll love this easy drawing activity. With easy step by step instructions, it’s easy to follow. You can even make it easier for younger kids by giving them the free printable and letting them trace.

This activity is perfect for Moana parties, movie nights or just a fun way to keep the kids entertained while school is out. Just follow along using the step by step guide here or scroll to the end for a free printable version.

Outline of Moana's face for a drawing tutorial

Step 1: Start by drawing the shape of Moana’s face.

Outline of Moana's face and torso with outstretched hand for drawing tutorial

Step 2: Next, draw her torso. One hand will be on her hip and the other is reaching out.

Partial outline of Moana for drawing tutorial

Step 3: Now draw Moana’s top and skirt. Start with the necklace, then follow the red lines on the tutorial to continue with the outfit.

Outline of Disney's Moana for a simple drawing tutorial

Step 4: Finally, add the legs and the oar. Finish off with the hair and the facial features and you’ve got a cute Moana drawing.

Free Printable Version

This free printable it even easier to draw Moana! Kids can have it right by their side as they make their drawing.

Younger children may find it easier to draw Moana by placing the printable on a lightbox and tracing it. Just turn on the lightbox, then place a piece of drawing paper over the top of the images, moving the paper over each step as they go. The Moana character will show through the paper, making it easy to trace.

Print the tutorial for How To Draw Moana here

A step-by-step tutorial to drawing Princess Moana, featuring stages from an outline of her head to a detailed illustration holding a spear, set against a pink-bordered background with a castle illustration.

Once they’re done with their pictures, the kids can color it with coloring pencils or crayons.

This activity is perfect for entertaining the kids on a rainy day. It’s also a super fun activity for a princess party. Print multiple princess tutorials and let the kids choose their favorites. These are the ones I have so far, with even more on the way:

Be sure to check back for the rest of the princess drawing tutorials!

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