Harry Potter Valentine Box: The Monster Book Of Monsters

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Does your Harry Potter fan need a Valentine box for school? They’ll be the coolest kid in class with this Harry Potter Valentine Box. After all, what Harry Potter fan wouldn’t want their own Monster Book Of Monsters!

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I love valentine boxes! I’ve made everything from a Sponge Bob valentine box to a Chewbacca valentine box so when my daughter asked for a Harry Potter valentine box this year, I totally jumped at the chance! We talked over different ideas and decided to go with this fun Monster Book Of Monsters Valentine box!

While this craft took a little longer than the ones I usually make, it was totally worth it and we LOVE the way it turned out! (If you don’t have that much time, you can make this cute Harry Potter valentine box instead).

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Ready to make this super cool box?  Here’s what you’ll need for a Monsters Book Of Monsters valentine box:



Harry Potter Valentine Box: Monster Book Of Monsters

You’ll need to start with fake fur. I bought mine at a local fabric shop. I wasn’t sure how much we’d need but 1/2 yard turned out to be more than enough. In fact, I even had enough left over to make a Chewbacca valentine box. Be sure to check to see if you can print out a coupon before you go (or upload one to your phone). I got this at Joanne’s and used a coupon that gave me 50% off.

You'll need fur to make this Harry Potter Valentine Box
We used a cereal box for our Harry Potter Valentine Box

I made this Valentine box out of a large family sized Cheerios box but you can use whatever works for you. As long as it’s rectangular, it can pretty much be any size. Start by gluing the top closed.

Next, trace the front and sides of the box and cut construction paper to match (if you don’t have it, regular copy paper will do). I didn’t have a piece of construction paper long enough for the front so I cut two pieces that I could put together. Make them equal sizes so that they meet in the middle…once you add the monster teeth, it won’t be very noticeable. Don’t worry about adding paper to the back, since it’ll be covered with fur.

Cut paper to make the pages for the Monster Book Of Monsters

Using a pencil and a ruler, trace lines on the papers to make them look like pages of a book. This part took me awhile!

Draw lines on the paper to look like the pages of the Monster Book Of Monsters

Use a razor or X-acto knife to cut a “trap door” in the back (to remove the Valentines).

You'll need a way to take the cards out of your Harry Potter Valentine Box
Glue the pages on to the side of the Harry Potter Valentine Box

Next, glue the lined paper around the box. 

Now cut the fur to match the shape of the box. You should have one long piece that wraps around the box, leaving the sides and the front uncovered. Don’t glue yet.

Wrap fur around the Harry Potter Valentine Box

Open the trap door and trace around it with the sharpie. Cut the three sides but but leave the side closest to the box intact.

Draw on the fur to make an opening for the Valentines
Trim the fur around the Harry Potter Valentine Box

Hot glue the fur to the box.

Glue the fur to the opening in the back of the Harry Potter Valentine Box

Next, glue the flap of fur to the “trap door”.  

I was going to add something to hold it closed but found that once I pushed it shut, it stayed closed unless I pulled it back open. Since you really only need to open it once, that worked just fine.

Once you push it closed, your Harry Potter Valentine Box should stay closed
Cut an opening in the front of the Harry Potter Valentine Box for the Valentines to go in.

Trim the fur along the bottom if necessary. I left just enough along the bottom to fold it up slightly and glue it to the box. 

For the hump on top of the Monster Book of Monsters, cut a smaller box and keep the flap

To make the hump on top, you’ll need a second box. Cut a small section off the top, where there’s already a bend in the box.

Glue the cardboard to a larger piece of fur

You’ll want to cut another piece of fur with about an inch extra on both sides.

Position the cardboard piece on top of the box. Pull the fur back on the Monster Book Of Monsters (I placed scissors on top to hold it in place) and slide the cardboard piece underneath. Glue. I glued the back piece first, made sure it was positioned how I wanted it, then glued the rest of the cardboard to the top of the box.

Pull the fur back on the Harry Potter Valentine Box while you glue on the hump
Blend the Monster Book Of Monsters fur together

Once the glue is dry, fluff the fur to cover where you glued the top piece on. Pull down the fur on the sides and glue. Once that glue has dried, blend the pieces of fur together so it looks like part of the monster.

Use a black marker to make diamonds on glass stones for the Monster Book Of Monster Eyes

I had to go a little rogue here. The eyes in the movie were an amber color but I didn’t have anything that color that would work. Instead I used these green glass pieces (the kind you use for filling jars and other home decor projects). I drew diamonds in the middle with Sharpie and glued to black foam paper.

Glue the eyes on to the Harry Potter Valentine Box

Next, glue the eyes to the front of the “hump”. Hold the fur back, glue, then pull the fur back down to slightly cover the eyes.

To make the book title, I printed yellow font on a black background. I made a free printable if you’d like to print my copy and save the trouble of making your own.

Print out the words The Monster Book Of Monsters
Glue the words to black foam

Cut out the black squares and glue them to black foam board to make the paper more sturdy.

Cut out the words and foam board, then hot glue them to your monster.

Cut the words to fit the Harry Potter Valentine Box

Now it was time for the teeth and horns. I’m not exactly sure what the gray things are but we’ll just call them horns for lack of anything better.

This is where I made my biggest mistake. I haven’t worked with clay since art class in elementary school so I had to learn by trial and error. My first batch of clay was a polymer no-bake clay. I made all the pieces and left them out to dry but the clay didn’t harden. Though it said not to bake it, I figured I had nothing to lose so that’s just what I did. The teeth melted all over the place and it was back to the craft store for me.

You'll need oven back clay to make the teeth, gums and tongue of the Monster Book Of Monsters

This time I bought oven bake clay and it worked MUCH better! Be sure you get the kind that says “oven bake”. You’ll need deep red pearl, pearl and silver.

Shape the clay into teeth, gums and a tongue for your Harry Potter Valentine Box

Form teeth, gums and a tongue. Take the side that will be glued to the box and push down slightly on a hard surface so that you have a flat side for gluing.

Add the teeth to the underside of the gums and twist each one slightly so that the teeth are uneven and gnarly. Add more red to the bottom to cover where the teeth are attached.

Push the teeth into the gums to make the mouth of the Monster Book Of Monsters
Bend pieces of silver or gray clay to make the Monster Book Of Monster horns

Now take the silver or gray clay and make the horns, bending each one slightly. Don’t forget to press the bigger end down on a hard surface to make a flat area for gluing.

You can add more red clay to the other side of the gums

Bake the pieces at 265° for approximately 15 minutes. I just put some foil on a cookie sheet and placed them on the foil. There was NO melting this time…yay!

Glue the clay pieces to the Harry Potter Valentine Box

Once they finish baking, let the clay pieces cool before gluing them to the book.

Be sure to use enough hot glue that the clay pieces won't fall off

I used a lot of hot glue on the underside of the gums because I knew that it wouldn’t be seen unless you looked underneath. I wanted to be sure that the teeth weren’t going to fall off. This monster needs to be scary!

After gluing the bottom half of the gums to the box, I added a small strip of fur to make them look more natural.

Add a little piece of fur around the Monster Book Of Monster gums

That  was it. The Harry Potter Valentine Box was finished and we had our very own Monster Book Of Monsters!

This Harry Potter Valentine Box will make your kid feel like the coolest kid in school

My Harry Potter loving daughter couldn’t have been more excited! According to her, this was the best Harry Potter Valentine Box she’d ever seen!

Kids will love adding their Valentines to this Harry Potter Valentine Box

This may have taking a little longer than most of my other crafts but it was so much fun! I love the way it turned out and out of all the crafts I’ve done, I think it’s one of my favorite!

Pin this for later >> The Monster Book Of Monsters

It may take a little time but making this Harry Potter Valentine Box is a lot of fun!

Are you making a Harry Potter Valentine Box this year? I’d love to see your pictures!

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  1. What a fun Valentine’s Day idea for Harry Potter fans! I know a few kiddos who’d love this DIY.

    1. Thank you! This might just be my new favorite craft!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this! My 9 year old and I replicated this for his Valentine’s box and although it didn’t turn out as perfect as yours it still looks great!!!

    1. Yay…I’m so happy that you guys liked it and that it turned out so great! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this Valentine’s Day box!
    My foray into crafting started when my son was in preschool and needed his first V-Day box. I created Peso from the Octonauts using a Pinterest tutorial and it was a HUGE hit. He loved it so much that he’s used it every year for the past 4 years! (I have since stopped thinking of myself as “not artistic” and adjusted to the fact that the other moms now call me “extremely creative”.)
    It’s time to move on and I was hoping to find a good HP box. This is unbelieveable. Thank you so much for sharing your work here. I have a few weeks left to V-Day and I’m going to make it my mission to have this box for my son. He will LOVE it.
    Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you like it! I’ve made a bunch and it’s my all time favorite! I actually have another Harry Potter Valentine box coming very soon 🙂

  4. Anola Stejskal says:

    UM where can i get this stuff

    1. You should be able to get everything at your local craft store or on Amazon. 🙂

  5. Anola Stejskal says:

    But can i get it at hobby lobby?

    1. Yes, you should be able to.

  6. This was SO much fun. We chose colorful fur and it’s beautiful!!

    1. This is one of my favorites! I’m glad you had as much fun with it as we did!

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