30 Easy Party Pinwheel Recipes

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These Pinwheel Recipes are some of our favorite fun, creative and easy party appetizers. Simple to make and totally customizable, they’re always a favorite and will be the first thing to disappear at your next gathering!

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Fresh homemade cranberry pinwheels made with cream cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts, goats cheese and rosemary

Easy Pinwheel Recipes

Easy and delicious, these little spirals of goodness are the ultimate party finger-food. They’re so irresistible that no matter how many you make, they always seem to disappear within minutes. Serve these tasty bites on game day, for holiday parties, or just as a tasty snack or light lunch.

One of the things that make pinwheel recipes perfect for entertaining is there are so many delicious ways you can prepare them. Most use tortillas to roll up a variety of meats and other flavorful fillings. The possibilities are endless and you can even trade our your regular flour tortillas for garden herb, sun-dried tomato or any other flavor that sounds good.

For more of our favorite recipes, like these pizza pinwheels, check out these deliciously flaky puff pastry appetizers!



Before we dive into the recipes, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about making these delicious snacks.

How do I Store Pinwheel Sandwiches?

Because they usually include dairy, meat and sometimes other perishable ingredients, they shouldn’t sit out for more than a couple of hours at a party. After that, you’ll need to refrigerate them in an airtight container or covered with plastic wrap.

If you’re making them with salmon or other types of seafood, you’ll want to put those back in the fridge after about an hour.

Can You Freeze Pinwheels?

Most pinwheels will freeze well for up to a couple of months, but that largely depends on the type filling you use. Mayonnaise and sour cream have a tendency to break down when frozen and then thawed, it’s best not to freeze those. You’ll have better luck with those that have a cream cheese filling, as they typically freeze pretty well.

Ham Rollups on Plate

Can I Make Pinwheels in Advance?

Yes, if you don’t have time to make pinwheels the day of your party, you can make them up to 24 hours in advance. It’s a great way to save a little time on party day. Don’t make them more than a day in advance if you’re using a loose creamy filling though. It can cause them to become soggy.

Party Pinwheels Recipes

Ham And Turkey Pinwheels
Sliced turkey and cheese pinwheel sandwiches on wooden skewers.
With the perfect combination of bacon, deli meat, cheese and fresh veggies, these delicious Ham and Turkey Pinwheels are a fun twist on traditional club sandwiches!
Check out this recipe
Italian Pinwheels
Italian pinwheels on a plate.
These Italian Pinwheels with Cream Cheese make the perfect party appetizer or a super easy dinner for the family. With savory meat and cheese layered on a flavorful cream cheese spread, they're as easy as they are delicious!
Check out this recipe
BLT Pinwheels
Pinwheel appetizers on romaine lettuce
One of our favorite pinwheel recipes, this BLT version is loaded with crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato and is always a party favorite! It also makes the perfect lunch on the go or snack time treat.
Check out this recipe
Veggie Pinwheels
These veggie pinwheel appetizers are made with flour tortillas, cheese and veggies, for a delicious meat free version of everyone's favorite snack.
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Pimento Cheese Bites
Pimento Cheese Bites
If you want an appetizer that’s easy and can be made ahead of time, this one is perfect! Creamy pimento cheese is rolled up in flour tortillas and sliced for a fun, bite size treat.
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Turkey Pesto Pinwheels
Turkey Pesto Pinwheels
These turkey pesto bites, filled with pesto cheese, turkey, and spinach, make a tasty party food that always disappears fast!
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Vegan Veggie Rainbow Wraps
Vegan Veggie Rainbow Wraps
Vegan rainbow veggie wraps are festive, fresh, bright, crispy veggies rolled up in soft spinach tortillas with vegan herbed cream cheese. They're as pretty as they are delicious!
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Smoked Turkey Pinwheels Recipe
smoked turkey pinwheels on plate
Quick and easy, this recipe is full of smoked turkey, fresh herbed cheese and spinach. They’re the perfect bite-sized snack or even a light main dish.
Get Recipe Here
Salami Pinwheels
Super easy to make with just four simple ingredients, these make a fun and tasty snack, lunch, or party food that’s guaranteed to be a hit.
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Ham and Cheese Pinwheels
The perfect party snack, these ham and cheese bites are always a crowd pleaser!
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Vegan Mexican Roll Ups
Mexican tortilla rollups
These vegan Mexican pinwheels make a great easy snack and the perfect make-ahead party bites.
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Zesty Italian Pinwheels
Italian pinwheels
These savory snacks are packed with meat, cheese and herbs. They’re easy to assemble and make a deliciously fun snack for any occasion.
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Healthy Veggie Pinwheels
Who said kids don’t want to eat their vegetables? These bite-sized veggie snacks are a favorite of kids and adults alike!
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Festive Cream Cheese Pinwheels
Festive cream cheese pinwheels
These delicious and adorably festive pinwheels are great for the holidays. They’re also great finger food you can enjoy year round!
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Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels
Buffalo Chicken Rollups
Buffalo chicken tortilla pinwheels are the perfect balance of spicy buffalo flavor and cheese mixed together and served inside a soft wrap. They’ll make a delicious party snack for your next gathering!
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Tuna Pinwheels
Tuna pinwheels
These veggie-packed tuna roll ups are perfect for parties but also school lunchboxes or a light dinner.
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Easy Cheeseburger Pinwheels
Cheeseburger rollups
These easy Cheeseburger Pinwheels are excellent rollups that are perfect for lunch or a snack! It’s also a great way to use up your leftover ground beef in minutes!
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Cranberry Pecan Pinwheels
Cranberry Cream Cheese Pinwheels
These pinwheels are packed with a delicious combination of cream cheese, Brie, dried cranberries, pecans, rosemary, and just a hint of maple syrup. They’ll make a fun addition to your party menu this holiday season.
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Salami Dill Pickle Roll Ups
These super easy pinwheels make a great appetizer for potlucks, parties or any other occasion when you need to bring a delicious finger food.
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Bacon Spinach Roll Ups
Wrapped in a spinach tortilla, this delicious recipe makes a quick and easy appetizer for everything from holidays or football parties.
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Smoked Salmon Pinwheels
These smoked salmon bites, with soft creamy filling with a hint of fresh dill and lemon, are an easy recipe that makes a great addition to any cheese and cracker plate.
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Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Pinwheels
Asparagus and smoked salmon pinwheels
If you want an elegant and flavorful finger food, you'll love these asparagus and smoked salmon tea sandwiches.
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Vegan Southwest Roll Ups
Vegan Southwest Roll Ups
These Southwest Roll Ups are full of beans, veggies, cilantro & southwest flavored dairy free ranch dressing, making them both a delicious and an easy bite size food for parties.
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Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwich Rolls
Cucumber and cream cheese rollups
Cucumber pinwheels are always a huge hit and work for pretty much any occasion.
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Horseradish Roast Beef Pinwheels
Horseradish Roast Beef bites are a fast and easy appetizer, with beef slices layered on a cheese mixture and rolled. They’re the perfect finger food for any gathering.
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Chicken Enchilada Tortilla Roll-Ups
Chicken tortilla rollups
This chicken enchilada tortilla pinwheels recipe are super easy to make and the perfect finger food for parties, wedding or bridal showers or just a tasty snack. They’re always a crowd pleaser!
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Chicken Cranberry Salad Pinwheels
Chicken Cranberry Salad Pinwheels
Chicken Cranberry Salad Pinwheel Bites are filled with chicken, almonds, cranberries, green onions, and feta, then rolled up in a tortilla. They make a delicious appetizer that tastes even better than it looks!
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Cranberry Turkey Pinwheels
Cranberry Turkey Pinwheels
Dried cranberries add tons of flavor and are so easy to use. Rolled up with turkey, cream cheese, and chives, these rollups are filled with the perfect combination of flavors.
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Baked Spiral “Hawaiian Roll” Slider Roll-ups
Hawaiian roll sliders pinwheels
A fun riff on the always-popular baked party sandwiches, these Spiral Hawaiian Roll Sliders are easy to make, super adaptable, and much healthier, too! Served hot or cold, they're always a big hit!
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Cream Cheese and Olive Roll Ups
These tortilla roll ups are the perfect appetizer recipe for holidays, game day or parties. With cheese, green and black olives, red peppers and spices, they're the perfect little bite sized snacks.
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Ham Roll Ups
Ham rollups
Ham pinwheels with cheddar cheese are an easy and affordable party app or back to school lunch option. You just can’t to wrong serving these…everybody loves them and they disappear fast!
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