Adorable Owl Valentine Box

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This adorable owl valentine box is the perfect way for kids to collect those cards on Valentine’s Day!

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When I was trying to come up with Valentine Box ideas for my latest segment on Suncoast View, I started with a unicorn valentine box, then a Harry Potter valentine box. What to do next? How about an owl valentine box!

I knew what I wanted to do but when I started cutting “feathers” out of craft foam, it was taking forever! I decided to give it up until I could find a better way. It didn’t take long. 

The next day I found foam flowers at the craft store and I realized that I could use those instead. Cutting the flowers apart would make the job so much quicker and easier! 

Ready to make your own owl valentine box? Here’s what you’ll need.

Owl Valentine Box



Start by covering the box in white construction paper. That way if there’s any parts of the box peeking through, it won’t be distracting.

The next step is to cut the flowers apart so that each piece has two “feathers”. When I did this, there was a single petal left over from each one. Don’t toss it. You’ll see how I used those extra pieces in just a bit. 

I took the pieces that had two feathers and glued them in rows across the box. Three across seemed to fit just right. I glued them on until I got slightly more than halfway up, just doing the front for now.

Next, I cut out a big piece of yellow craft foam and glued it on to make the head, leaving the sides unglued at the bottom. That way more feathers could be added if needed.

I’d used the flower petals on this side but had just a little space left at the top. I glued on one of the single pieces, cut off the extra part and glued the yellow foam down over it. Some of the “feather” should still be sticking out though.

Next, I glued together three of the single pieces to make wings for the owl valentine box. What’s an owl without wings, right?

I also traced two large white circles, two medium blue circles, two small black circles and tiny white ones for the eyes. When I’m tracing circles, I usually just grab stuff from around the house. These eyes were made with the bottom of a drinking glass, a shot glass and I think a quarter!

You’ll also want a small orange triangle for nose.

I’d noticed a few white spaces in my owl valentine box so I cut apart a couple more of the spare pieces and stuffed them in where they were needed.

Cut two triangles for the ears and round them off at the top. I had extra foam from another craft so I used that for the inside of the ear but you can use the extra orange foam if you’d like. Glue the bottom front of the ear to the back of the owl’s head.

I used red glitter cardstock for the bow. I pulled one up online and used it as an example. After drawing it on the cardstock, I cut it out and glued it to the owl. If you want to make it really easy, you can cut out and trace the bow that I made for my panda valentine box.

Glue the bow to the top left or right corner and your little owl is ready to fly!

Want matching valentines? You can find two different kinds of owl valentine cards in my Etsy shop:

How cute did this turn out?! It’s now tied with my Monster Book Of Monsters valentine box for my all time favorite box. 

What should I make next? Share your best ideas and I’ll give it a try!

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  1. So cute! Was it hard to get the ears to stay? What did you do for that? Also, where’d you find the red bow?

    1. No, it was easy. I just hot glued the craft foam to the owls head…the foam is so light that it stays put really well. I also just realized that since I did the bow last minute, I didn’t have that in the tutorial. I just used red glitter cardstock. If you’re not good at drawing freehand (which I’m not) find one online that you like and use it as an example. I will add that to the tutorial now…sorry for the confusion 🙂

  2. How did you make the head? I mean the bottom part of it.. Did you trace something to make that design?

    1. No, I just drew it freehand lengthwise on the craft foam, then cut it out. Then when gluing it to the box, I turned it around so that no pencil marks could be seen 🙂

  3. If you are having trouble finding the flowers like I did you can use hearts, they worked just as well

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this! That’s a fantastic idea! 🙂

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