13+ Amazing Butterbeer Inspired Recipes

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These delicious Butterbeer Recipes will have all the wizards and muggles celebrating! From traditional butterbeer to sweet treats and even something special just for the adults, these easy recipes all have one big thing in common…that amazing butterbeer flavor!

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Butterbeer on counter

When J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series, nobody could’ve imagined what a huge hit it would be. Not only that, people went crazy for all the tasty Harry Potter Recipes mentioned in the books. Of course, at the top of the list is the famed BUTTERBEER!

It’s popular drink that’s been the inspiration for some really amazing, sweet treats. While you can get many forms of Butterbeer at Universal Studios, there’s good news! We have those recipes and more right here!

From the original easy butterbeer recipe to butterbeer cookies and cupcakes, there’s something for all the huge Harry Potter fans out there. They’re the perfect treats for Harry Potter Themed Parties or just enjoying at home on movie night.

Frozen butterbeer at Universal Studios

What is Butterbeer?

If you’re new to the Harry Potter world, you may be wondering what butterbeer is. This butterscotch flavored drink is a popular beverage that was made famous in the Harry Potter series. In fact, it’s the drink of choice for Harry and his friends when the visit the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley or the Three Broomsticks Inn at Hogsmeade.

Three Broomsticks Inn at Universal Studios

What Does Butterbeer Taste Like?

In the books, butterbeer is described as a less-sickly butterscotch and is made with butterscotch, sugar and water. However, us muggles have come up with a much tastier version.

Though there are different versions, most have a cream soda base and use some different combinations of the following ingredients: butterscotch syrup, caramel syrup, heavy cream, pure vanilla extract, rum extract, melted butter and butter extract. No matter how you make it, it’s super delish and you’ll be so glad you tried it!

Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe
Square image of Harry Potter butterbeer
This tasty drink is a copycat recipe for the butterbeer you'll find at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. It's a staple for any Harry Potter party or movie night!
Check out this recipe
Butterbeer Cookies
Butterbeer cookies on white plate
These delicious Butterbeer Cookies are made with cake mix and loaded with sweet butterscotch and white chocolate chips. Make these fun treats for a Halloween party, Fall festivals or just a sweet snack at home.
Check out this recipe
Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes
Butterbeer cupcakes with black and white straw
These Butterbeer Cupcakes are loaded with butterscotch flavor, topped with a rich butterscotch frosting, then drizzled with a butterscotch topping. It’s the perfect decadent dessert for your next Harry Potter themed party!
Check out this recipe
Butterbeer Poke Cake
Butterbeer Poke Cake with red napkin
This Butterbeer Poke Cake Recipe is moist, delicious and loaded with butterscotch flavor. Topped with whipped cream and even more butterscotch syrup, it's a simple recipe that makes the perfect sweet treat for Harry Potter fans!
Check out this recipe
Hot Butterbeer Recipe
Hot Butterbeer for recipe card
You don’t have to visit a theme park to enjoy the rich and creamy butterscotch flavor in this Hot Butterbeer Recipe. Warm and comforting butterbeer with rich whipped topping is a delicious hot version of our favorite drink! It's perfect for getting cozy on the couch for your next Harry Potter movie marathon.
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Butterbeer Pancakes
Butterbeer Pancakes square
These magical Butterbeer Pancakes, loaded with sweet butterscotch chips and a hint of butterscotch syrup, brings a piece of the wizarding world of Harry Potter right to your breakfast table.
Check out this recipe
Hot Boozy Butterbeer
Hot Boozy Butterbeer in a glass mug
Like hot butterbeer but with a fun kick, this Hot Boozy Butterbeer recipe is a sweet, delicious cocktail that'll make any grownup Harry Potter party or movie night even more magical!
Check out this recipe
Butterbeer Shots
Butterbeer shots on marble counter
These boozy butterbeer shots, with just 3 simple ingredients and tasty toppings, are loaded with delicious butterscotch flavor. They're just what you need to liven up your next Halloween or Harry Potter party.
Check out this recipe
Alcoholic Butterbeer Recipe (Harry Potter Inspired)
Alcoholic butterbeer on Harry Potter napkin
This boozy butterbeer is a cool, refreshing beverage that takes Harry Potter’s favorite drink and gives it a fun, adult twist. The addition of vanilla vodka and butterscotch schnapps makes this alcoholic beverage a tasty version just for the grownups!
Check out this recipe
Harry Potter Butterbeer Ice Cream
Butterbeer Ice Cream in cone
Why settle for vanilla ice cream when you can have Butterbeer Ice Cream!? It's smooth and creamy and filled with butterscotch flavors. The best part is that this no churn ice cream recipes uses simple ingredients, which means that it's super easy to make too!
Check out this recipe
Butterbeer Fudge Recipe
Butterbeer fudge on red striped plate
This easy and decadent Butterbeer Fudge recipe is the perfect sweet treat for any occasion. With all the flavors of a homemade butterbeer recipe in a bite size dessert, it’ll be a hit with both kids and adults!
Check out this recipe
Butterbeer Jello Shots
Butterbeer shots for recipe card
These Butterbeer Jello Shots are tasty mini cocktails with a sweet boozy kick. Easy and delicious, these butterscotch treats with a creamy topping are perfect for all your grown-up Harry Potter birthday parties or gatherings!
Check out this recipe
Frozen Butterbeer Recipe
Frozen butterbeer from above
With just three ingredients, this frozen version of our copycat butterbeer recipe is a super tasty beverage that doubles as a delicious frozen treat. It's perfect for sipping on while reading your favorite Harry Potter books.
Check out this recipe
Butterbeer Frosting Board
Harry Potter Butter Beer Frosting Board Recipe Card
This Butterbeer Frosting Board is a fun twist on the popular Tik Tok butter board trend, but even sweeter and a lot more fun!
Check out this recipe

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