No Carve Butterfly Pumpkin

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This butterfly pumpkin is proof that Halloween pumpkins don’t always have to be scary to be fun!  

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Butterfly Pumpkin

I’m a big fan of no carve pumpkins for kids! They’re easier, safer and just a lot more fun overall. I’m always looking for new Halloween pumpkin ideas and I never know when inspiration will strike. 

No-Carve Butterfly Pumpkin

In fact, I had no plans to make a butterfly pumpkin this year but as I was walking through the Halloween section at a dollar store, I came across a pair butterfly wings. Since they were only $1, there was no way I could pass them up and I immediately had my next pumpkin idea!

It doesn’t get much cuter than a butterfly pumpkin, right? I picked up the rest of my supplies and couldn’t wait to get started! Ready to make your own?

Butterfly Pumpkin

Butterfly Pumpkin

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

This adorable butterfly pumpkin is proof that Halloween pumpkins don't have to be spooky to be fun!


    1. First you'll need pumpkins and these styrofoam pumpkins are my favorites! I stock up every year at the local dolar store but you can find them on Amazon too. They're perfect for crafting and you can do so much with them. Styrofoam craft pumpkins
    2. Next, twist out the stem (I found it leaves less damage behind if you twist it out rather than just pulling). It left a small hole so I hot glued a little craft foam over the top to close the hole. Pumpkin with hole patched up
    3. (Pretend like I haven't already painted the pumpkin. Originally the butterfly was going to be horizontal but after painting, I realized it would look better vertical so I removed the stem) Still pretending? Paint the pumpkin and the foam covering the hole. Blue pumpkin for butterfly craft
    4. Next, start working on the eyes. I used the bottom of the paint bottle to trace the large white circles, a quarter for the blue and a dime to trace the black foam. Making eyes for butterfly pumpkin
    5. Glue them together, then cut a tiny white circle to give the eyes a bit of sparkle.
    6. Turn the pumpkin vertically and hot glue the eyes to the front. Next, use your scraps of black craft foam to make two eyelashes for each eye.
    7. Next, cut a mouth from the black foam scraps and glue it to the butterfly face. Bend the chenille stem in half, then curl the ends with a pencil.
    8. Glue to the top of the pumpkin/butterfly head. Chenille glued to top of butterfly
    9. This next part is totally optional. I wanted to add a little more color to the butterfly wings so I used fabric paint for accents. Butterfly wings with fabric paint
    10. Now hot glue the pumpkin to the butterfly wings. I used a lot, just to be safe, but the wings are pretty light so hot glue held them on really well. Butterfly wings hot glued to pumpkin
    11. Because butterflies need lots of flowers, I bought fake flowers and put them in flower foam. Flowers for butterfly pumpkin
    12. Take two wooden BBQ skewers and paint them blue. Once they dry, push the pointed end into the bottom of the butterfly pumpkin and the other ends into the flower foam. Now your butterfly pumpkin is flying over the flowers! Butterfly pumpkin flying
    13. I thought this was so cute that I even made a bumblebee pumpkin so my butterfly would have a friend (post coming soon) butterfly pumpkin with bumblebee pumpkin
    14. My butterfly is blue but you could make your butterfly any color you want! In fact, if your kids are anything like mine, you'll have a rainbow butterfly when you're finished!

    What color will you try?


Estimated cost is based on what you'd pay at a dollar store. Buying on Amazon will cost more but you do get the trade-off of having the supplies delivered straight to your door.

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This butterfly pumpkin was so much fun and super easy to make!

I’ve included all the links for finding the materials on Amazon (if you love the convenience of having things delivered right to your doorstep) but keep in mind that I paid a fraction of that at a dollar store.

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